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Incident Reporting Guide - CPD-63.451
Issue Date:02 July 2018Effective Date:02 July 2018
Rescinds:10 January 2018 Version
Index Category:Department Guides and Manuals
    The Incident Reporting Guide will be used to determine:
    • 1.The type of report required to record an incident or the Miscellaneous Incident Procedure to be followed; and
    • 2.The proper offense classification of an incident on a case report.
    • 1.INCIDENT - This column lists, in alphabetical order, brief descriptions of various situations comprising violations of Illinois Compiled Statutes, violations of the Municipal Code of Chicago, and selected non-criminal incidents.
    • 2.REPORT TO BE USED - This column indicates the specific report form to be completed when documenting each of the various incidents listed.
    • 3.OFFENSE/INCIDENT CLASSIFICATION/PRIMARY BOX - This column indicates which entry is to be made in the "Primary Offense" box on the appropriate case report.
    • 4.OFFENSE/INCIDENT CLASSIFICATION /SECONDARY BOX - This column indicates which entry is to be made in the "Secondary Offense" box on the appropriate case report.
    • 5.OFFENSE CODE - This column indicates the I-UCR offense code to be used when applicable.
    • 1.Assault incidents, without exception, involve the use of force and do not involve any actual contact between the victim and offender. All unsuccessful attempts at force by an offender that do not involve a deadly weapon (e.g. attempting to punch someone or throwing a stone at another person but no one is actually struck) should be classified as an assault. All successful attempts at force by an offender that do involve a deadly weapon another (e.g. shooting a firearm at person but no one is actually struck) should be classified as an aggravated assault.
    • 2.Battery incidents, involve only those cases when actual physical contact is made between the victim and offender. In selecting the proper battery classification, members should be aware of three possible aggravating factors:
      • a.The victim suffered great bodily harm (serious injury); or
      • b.The offender used a dangerous weapon capable of causing death or great bodily harm AND there was contact made with the victim during the victim during the attack; or
      • c.There was contact made with the victim during the attack (including minor contact or injury) AND the victim was a police officer or other, protected employee.
    • 3.Consistent with Uniform Crime Reporting standards, only those aggravated batteries involving great bodily harm (serious injury) or the offender's use of a dangerous weapon capable of causing death or great bodily harm are statistically considered for Index Crimes purposes.
    • 1.ATTEMPT, SOLICITATION, CONSPIRACY - When recording an arrest for Solicitation (720 ILCS 5/8-1), Conspiracy (5/8-2), or Attempt (5/8-4), note in the Arrest Report the underlying ILCS statute that was attempted or otherwise involved in the incident. This will enable accurate entry of the related charges into CHRIS during the booking process. [For example, with an arrest for "Attempt Burglary," on the Arrest Report: enter "720 ILCS 5/8-4 (Attempt)" as the charge and record "720 ILCS 5/19-1-a (Burglary)" on the first line of the report narrative.]
    • 2.INDEX CRIMES - IUCR Codes for the Index Crimes are listed by category as follows:
      Homicide0110, 0130
      Criminal Sexual Assault02XX and 1753, 1754
      Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery041A, 041B, 0420, 0430, 0440, 045X (excluding 0454), 046X (excluding 0460), 0479, 048X (excluding 0484, 0486, 0487), 049X (excluding 0494), 051A, 051B, 0510, 0520, 0530, 055X (excluding 0545 and 0554)
      Motor Vehicle Theft091X, 092X, 093X, 094X (excluding 0940, 0945, 0947, 0948)
      Arson*1010, 1020, 1025,1090, 1310 (where fire is the cause)
      *Arson is an exception to the hierarchy rule; if another offense that requires a case report occurs in conjunction with the arson, a case report for each offense is required. In all other incidents, only one case report should be completed under normal reporting situations. For more information, refer to the Field Reporting Manual (CPD-63.450).
    • 3.NARCOTICS - "Delivery" means the actual, constructive, or attempted transfer or possession of a controlled substance, with or without consideration, whether or not there is an agency relationship (sale). The below listed terms also apply:
      • a.Cannabis - Includes marijuana, hashish, and other substances which are identified as including any parts of the plant Cannabis Sativa, whether growing or not.
      • b.Cocaine - A derivative of the cocoa leaf having no medicinal benefit. Usually in powder form which is sniffed.
      • c.Codeine - A derivative of opium possessing some medicinal value, but like morphine, used in limited amount. Administered by injection or taken orally.
      • d.Hashish - A dark brown resin that is collected from the tops of potent cannabis sativa. It is at least five times stronger than marijuana.
      • e.Heroin - A derivative of opium possessing no medicinal benefit to the user. White or brown in color, a powdery substance, mixed with liquid and injected subcutaneously or sniffed.
      • f.Marijuana - Botanically known as cannabis sativa, a plant which, when prepared, yields a crude fiber that is rolled into a cigarette and smoked.
      • g.PCP - A chemically produced hallucinogen in liquid or powder form that is governed under the provisions outlined for the possession and sale of dangerous drugs. Chemical name is Phencyclidine.
      • h.Synthetic Drug Types - Sedatives: Morphine, Pentazocine, Methaqualone (Quaalude); Stimulants: Amphetamine, Methamphetamine; Depressants: Barbiturates, GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate), Valium.
    • 4.LOCATION CODES - Select the most precise code from the following:
    Business / Commercial Property
    097 - Appliance Store162 - Convenience Store277 - Parking Lot/Garage
    206 - Athletic Club174 - Department Store161 - Pawn Shop
    103 - Bar or Tavern193 - Drug Store166 - Pool Room
    278 - Auto/Boat/RV Dealership209 - Factory/ Manufacturing Building293 - Restaurant
    167 - Barber/Beauty Shop220 - Gas Station261 - Small Retail Store
    109 - Bowling Alley221 - Grocery/Food Store305 - Sports Arena/ Stadium
    140 - Commercial/ Business Office260 - Hotel/Motel327 - Warehouse
    144 - Car Wash240 - Liquor Store 
    192 - Cleaning Store267 - Movie House/Theater 
    160 - Coin Operated Machine165 - Newsstand 
    Financial Institution
    164 - ATM175 - Credit Union298 - Savings and Loan
    100 - Bank168 - Currency Exchange 
    230 - Animal Hospital/ Veterinary Clinic233 - Hospital Building/Grounds250 - Medical/Dental Office
    268 - Nursing Home  
    Miscellaneous / Other Location Not Listed
    096 - Abandoned Building171 - Construction Site143 - Kennel
    145 - Cemetery141 - Farm200 - Vacant Lot/Land
    151 - Church/Synagogue /Place of Worship142 - Horse Stable330 - OTHER (SPECIFY)
    Public Building / Property / Way
    092 - Alley292 - Government Building/Property280 - Police Facility/ Vehicle/Parking Lot
    132 - Bridge238 - Highway/ Expressway281 - Jail/Lock-up Facility
    284 - Federal Building273 - Lake/Waterway/ Riverbank303 - Sidewalk
    212 - Fire Station245 - Library304 - Street
    270 - Forest Preserve269 - Park Property 
    Residential - Public and Private
    090 - Apartment123 - CHA Parking Lot/ Grounds210 - Residence - Garage
    121 - CHA Apartment290 - Residence289 - Residence - Porch/Hallway
    122 - CHA Hallway/ Stairwell Elevator 176 - Residence - Driveway291 - Residence-Yard (Front/Back)
    095A - Aircraft095K - Airport Exterior - Secure Area325 - CTA Station
    095B - Airport Transportation System (ATS)095L - Airport Exterior - Non-Secure Area317 - Other Railroad Property/Train Depot
    095C - Airport Parking Lot095M - Airport Vending Establishment309 - Taxicab
    095D - Airport Terminal Lower Level - Secure Area104 - Boat/Watercraft262 - Vehicle - Commercial
    095E - Airport Terminal Upper Level - Secure Area119 - CTA Bus263 - Vehicle - Commercial - Entertainment / Party Bus
    095F - Airport Terminal Lower Level - Non - Secure Area320- CTA Bus Stop264 - Vehicle - Commercial - Trolley Bus
    095G - Airport Terminal Upper Level - Non - Secure Area321 - CTA Train126 - Vehicle - Delivery Truck
    095H - Airport Terminal Mezzanine - Non-Secure Area322 - CTA Parking Lot/Garage/Other Property259 - Vehicle - Non-Commercial
    095I - Airport Building Non-Terminal - Secure Area323 - CTA Platform310 - Vehicle - Other Rideshare Service (e.g., Uber, Lyft)
    095J - Airport Building Non-Terminal - Non - Secure Area324 - CTA Tracks – Right of Way257 - Other Commercial Transportation
    School / University / Child Care Facility
    169 - College/University Building/Grounds313 - School - Private - Building314 - School - Public - Building
    170 - College/University Residence Hall299 - School - Private - Grounds300 - School - Public – Grounds
    177 - Day Care Center  
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were added or revised.)