Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G04-07-02
Crashes – Fatalities or Life Threatening Injury
Issue Date:02 January 1998Effective Date:11 January 1998
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive outlines the responsibilities of members when investigating any traffic crash involving a fatality or life threatening injury and reiterates the requirement for an immediate notification to the Major Accident Investigation Unit (MAIU). Department members will refer to the Special Order titled "Crashes - Fatalities or Life Threatening Injury" for follow-up responsibilities.
When investigating any traffic crash involving a fatality or life threatening injury, professionalism and efficiency are of the utmost importance. Prompt notifications will be made to all required units.
III.Immediate Responsibilities
  • A.Whenever Department members are assigned to a crash involving a fatality or life threatening injury, they will:
    • 1.immediately request the Office of Emergency Management and Communication (OEMC) dispatcher to notify a supervisor from the Traffic Section, Major Accident Investigation Unit (MAIU). The notification will be recorded on the reverse side of the Illinois Traffic Crash Report (CPD - 22.110) in the narrative portion by writing "OEMC-MAIU" and the time of the request immediately to its right. The OEMC dispatcher will inform the requesting member if MAIU will respond to the scene;
    • 2.notify their supervisor and secure the scene;
    • 3.retain the investigatory responsibility until relieved by either responding MAIU personnel or a supervisor;
    • 4.assist follow-up personnel by obtaining standard form statements, i.e., Driver's Crash Statement (CPD-22.111) and/or Witness' Crash Statement (CPD-22.112), from the parties involved;
    • 5.complete the Illinois Traffic Crash Report;
    • 6.take any appropriate enforcement action.
  • B.If the investigating officer believes that the operators of vehicles involved in a traffic crash resulting in a life threatening injury or fatality should be chemically tested to determine if they are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, the provisions of 625 ILCS 5/11-501.6 entitled "Driver involvement in personal injury or fatal motor vehicle accident-Chemical test" will be followed. The requirements outlined in the Department directive entitled "Driving While Under the Influence (DUI) and Zero Tolerance" will also be followed.
    The Illinois Secretary of State's formset entitled "Traffic Accident Warning to Motorist" (Form DSD DC-157.2) will be utilized.
John J. Townsend
Acting Superintendent of Police
97-038 GHY(AJB)