Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U05-02-01
Semiannual Inventory
Issue Date:30 March 2011Effective Date:30 March 2011
Index Category:Accountability
This directive:
  • A.describes responsibilities of unit commanding officers relative to the semiannual inventory.
  • B.outlines the procedure for returning equipment and furniture not being used.
  • C.continues the use of the Inventory Control Record (DPOL-8794-01).
  • A.The Property Inventory Unit, Equipment and Supply Section, will forward an Inventory Control Record to all units for use in the semiannual inventory.
  • B.Unit commanding officers will ensure:
    • 1.the original of the Inventory Control Record is completed and returned to the Equipment and Supply Section by 22 April 2011. Commanding officers will refer to the Department directive entitled “Department Equipment and Property Control System” for instructions regarding completion of the inventory.
    • 2.upon completion of the inventory, to sign and date each page, thereby acknowledging accountability for all items listed.
    • 3.the Facilities Management Unit, Bureau of Administrative Services, 312-745-5600, is notified concerning furniture that is no longer required.
    • 4.the inventory listing for computer equipment associated with the Computer Replacement Program (computer equipment indicated with a red colored Chicago Police Department Asset Tag) is reviewed by accessing the Asset Management System and the Public Safety Information Technology Group, Unit 125, 312-745-5500 is notified regarding any inventory discrepancies related to Computer Replacement Program equipment.
    • 5.the Property Inventory Unit, Equipment and Supply Section, Unit 172, PAX 4051, is notified concerning all other equipment that is no longer required.
Terry G. Hillard
Interim Superintendent of Police
11-048 MAV