Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S03-03-05
District Station Supervisor
Issue Date:02 March 2017Effective Date:03 March 2017
Rescinds:05 January 2014 Version
Index Category:Field Operations
This directive:
  • A.continues the function of the district station supervisor.
  • B.defines the duties and responsibilities of the district station supervisor.
  • C.continues the use of the Watch Incident Log (CPD-21.916).
  • D.informs Department members that the district station supervisor will report to the watch operations lieutenant.
    Sergeants working as a district station supervisor will not perform substantially all the duties or assume substantially all the responsibilities of a watch operations lieutenant.
  • E.identifies that the base of operation for the district station supervisor to perform their duties will be the district desk.
    The district station supervisor will be stationed and available at the district desk unless other responsibilities require their presence elsewhere (e.g., lock-up inspections).
II.General Duties
To ensure accountability of and efficiently manage and utilize Department personnel and resources, each district station supervisor will:
  • A.prepare and post the daily schedule assignment line-ups, consistent with the designated period assignments and ensure they are submitted via the Police Computer Aided Dispatch (PCAD) system to the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) one hour prior to each roll call;
    District station supervisors will submit the watch assignment line-ups via facsimile message only if the PCAD system is inoperable.
  • B.conduct roll calls as assigned. Roll call procedures will include, but are not limited to, ensuring:
    • 1.personnel properly report on duty;
    • 2.inspections are conducted (uniform, personal appearance, firearms, etc.), as required;
    • 3.proper roll call notifications are made, including court notifications;
    • 4.information is exchanged from the prior watch concerning current crime conditions; and
    • 5.the appropriate training is conducted.
  • C.ensure compliance with policy and procedures regarding recovered and arrestee property consistent with the Department directive entitled "Inventory System for Property Taken Into Custody," including the approval of inventoried property;
  • D.provide for the security of inventoried property;
  • each arrest situation to ensure the completeness of the submitted Arrest Report and proper preparation of the required court documents;
  • a minimum, independently conduct thorough inspections of the lockups and the arrestees at least four (4) times per tour and document the inspection in the Daily Prisoner Log record (CPD-21.975).
  • G.conduct investigations and report unusual occurrences that take place in the lockup, consistent with the Department directive entitled “Processing Persons under Department Control”;
  • H.ensure compliance with policy and procedure regarding bail bonding. The district station supervisors’ approval of bail bonding and court transfers confirms that:
    • best as can be determined, the arrestee is not in violation of Violation of Bail Bond (720 ILCS 5/32-10);
    • 2.the procedures delineated in the Special Order titled “Arrestee Identification Process” have been followed when an arrestee is on parole;
    • 3.upgrades to felony charges, when authorized by law, have been sought;
    • 4.all investigative alerts and warrants have been addressed, including the completion of a warrant affidavit or warrant-specific documents for transmittal to the appropriate court; and
    • 5.complaints and court papers are prepared and transmitted to the appropriate court.
  • I.during each tour of duty, perform regular audits to monitor the review and approval of the electronic reporting application and other watch reports, including paper case reports, to ensure prompt approval of reports and that field supervisors and station supervisors are fulfilling their responsibilities;
    The district station supervisor will report any findings and deficiencies to the watch operations lieutenant.
  • J.manage district facility operations including the district desk and lock-up and:
    • 1.ensure that Department-issued equipment, such as radios, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, etc., is properly maintained, accounted for, and kept in good working order;
    • 2.conduct daily informal inspections, thereby ensuring that station facilities, grounds, and equipment are kept in good order and the security of the physical plant is maintained;
    • 3.take action, as appropriate, pursuant to existing policy concerning missing or damaged equipment.
  • K.ensure the accuracy of information recorded on court and Illinois Traffic Crash transmittals, particularly with respect to Identification Record (IR) numbers and Record Division (RD) numbers;
  • L.prepare a Watch Incident Log (CPD-21.916) summarizing all important incidents that occurred during the tour of duty; The Watch Incident Log will include a note in the narrative indicating who conducted roll call.
    This log will be a continuous record of important incidents during a 24-hour period. A new log sheet will be prepared by each station supervisor and will be forwarded to the relieving station supervisor. All required notifications will be made in addition to completing the Watch Incident Log.
  • M.ensure notifications are made as necessary and consistent with Department directives;
  • N.access the district station supervisor email inbox, at minimum, three times during their tours of duty; the first time during the first hour and the third time during the last hour of the tour; and
    • 1.take action as appropriate based upon any time-sensitive information.
    • 2.inform appropriate personnel of any crime or other information that will affect watch operations.
  • O.complete personnel evaluations consistent with the Department directive entitled “Performance Evaluation System”;
  • P.ensure the automated Daily Attendance and Assignment Records are completed and submitted;
  • and approve the appropriate CLEAR watch management applications including, but not limited to, the automated:
    • 1.Medical System, and
    • 2.Message In-Box.
  • R.acknowledge excellent performance and recommend appropriate recognition for outstanding achievements;
    District station supervisors will document observations or recognition of subordinate personnel, either positive or negative, a minimum of once a month into a Performance Recognition System (PRS) portfolio report.
  • S.equitably deal with grievances brought to their attention;
  • T.ensure the continuity of operations between watches by advising the oncoming station supervisor of the district conditions and problems that need to be addressed by the relieving station supervisor;
  • U.monitor behavior and performance of subordinates and their adherence to Department policies and procedures and take appropriate action when deficiencies in performance, uniform, and/or equipment are observed;
    The district station supervisor will report any findings and deficiencies to the watch operations lieutenant.
  • V.perform all duties as required by law, Department directives, and as directed by the watch operations lieutenant, executive officer, and the district commander.
III.Situational Duties
If a watch operations lieutenant is unavailable, the district station supervisor will forward Tactical Response Reports (TRR) to the on-duty district tactical lieutenant or executive officer for final approval consistent with the Department directive entitled "Use of Force Guidelines."
If a district supervisor the rank of lieutenant or above is unavailable, the station supervisor will follow the appropriate procedures established by the Bureau of Patrol to ensure the TRR is completed and approved consistent with the Department directive entitled "Use of Force Guidelines."
If this directive conflicts with a provision in any other Department directive relative to duties, responsibilities, notifications, or required approvals, members will seek guidance from the Chief, Bureau of Patrol.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline have been added or revised)
Authenticated by:
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16-050 RCL/KT/MWK