Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S07-03-01
Vehicle Relocation Procedures
Issue Date:30 December 2011Effective Date:01 January 2012
Rescinds:3 November 2005 Version
Index Category:Processing Property
This directive outlines procedures for vehicle relocations for planned events and after action procedures for unplanned events.
Department members will refer to the General Order titled "Vehicle Relocation Procedures" for policy and procedures governing relocation operations.
II.Vehicle Relocation Procedures
  • A.For unplanned events, Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT) will complete the following after-action procedures:
    • 1.purge all vehicle relocation information from the computer 14 days after the date of entry.
    • 2.provide the Auto Desk with a computer printout of all purged vehicle relocation information at the time of purging.
  • B.Preplanned Events
    For most preplanned events, signs will be posted which temporarily prohibit parking. In most cases, vehicles will be towed when parked in violation of previously posted signs, impeding the operations of the preplanned event. However, if vehicles are required to be relocated, the procedures outlined in the General Order entitled "Vehicle Relocation Procedures" for Large Scale Unplanned Events are to be followed.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
08-128 RDR/MWK
1. -
  • Movement of vehicles to either another street location or an off-street relocation site, (i.e., Park District property, City lots, etc.).
    Relocated vehicles are not towed to established auto pounds.
  • Vehicle Relocation Situations:
    • 1.Large-Scale Unplanned Events - include the large scale movement of vehicles for emergencies, such as, floods, fires, and explosions, etc.
    • 2.Preplanned Events - movement of vehicles for large scale events such as, parades, special events, and dignitary movement.
    • 3.Snow-Related Operations - certain snow related emergencies which require parked vehicles to be relocated from arterial streets. Refer to the Department directive entitled "Snow Related Emergency Operations" for specific procedures.
    • 4.Small-Scale Unplanned Events - vehicles which impede traffic, are a safety hazard, or are involved in unplanned events. Examples include: vehicles involved in a traffic crash, vehicles experiencing mechanical failure, or small scale movement of vehicles for unplanned events.
2. -
The towing of vehicles involved in certain Chicago Municipal Code violations, such as, violation of tow signs, overnight parking ban and designated snow routes.