Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S07-03-04
Vehicles Unclaimed from Garages, Repair Shops, Public Parking, or Storage Facilities
Issue Date:30 December 2011Effective Date:01 January 2012
Rescinds:17 September 1990 Version; S93-09
Index Category:Processing Property
This directive informs Department members of the procedures to be followed when receiving a complaint of an unclaimed vehicle from an operator of a place of business for garaging, repairing, parking, or storing vehicles for the public.
II.Relevant Statutes
625 ILCS 5/4-107(c) Stolen, converted, recovered, and unclaimed vehicles
III.Notification of an Unclaimed Vehicle
  • A.When a Department member receives a complaint of an unclaimed vehicle, they will instruct the operator of the place of business to:
    • 1.forward a registered / certified (return receipt requested) letter to the

      Chicago Police Department,
      Records Division
      Attn: Auto Desk
      3510 S. Michigan Ave.
      Chicago, IL 60653
    • 2.include in the letter the following vehicle information:
      • vehicle was left at place of business,
      • b.year,
      • c.make,
      • d.model,
      • e.body style,
      • f.color,
      • g.Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),
      • h.license plate number or Temporary Registration Permit (TRP) information, including the month and year of expiration,
      • vehicle registration number,
      • operator's signature.
  • B.Following notification to the Police Department, the operator of a place of business as indicated in Item II may contact the Secretary of State for information regarding a mechanics lien or other civil procedures to obtain restitution for outstanding fees.
IV.Auto Desk Responsibilities
Upon receiving a letter of notification of an unclaimed vehicle from an operator of an aforementioned business, Auto Desk personnel will:
  • A.time-stamp the letter and indicate by whom the letter was received.
  • B.check the available vehicle information to determine the registered owner's name and status of the vehicle and if the computer check indicates that it has been reported stolen, notify the Office of Emergency Management and Communication (OEMC) to dispatch an appropriate field unit to recover the vehicle.
  • C.log the letter and file it in the Unclaimed Vehicle Notification File and retain the letter for eighteen months.
V.Recovery of Unclaimed Vehicle Reported Stolen
When a Department member has been made aware of or is assigned to investigate an unclaimed vehicle located on the property of an operator of a business indicated in Item II and the investigation reveals that the vehicle has been reported stolen the member will:
  • A.recover the auto according to procedures established in the Department directive entitled "Vehicle Theft and Wanted Vehicle Procedures."
  • B.provide the business operator with the RD number of the Recovered Vehicle Supplementary Report (CPD-11.409) or the Vehicle Theft Case Report (CPD-11.412).
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
08-128 RDR/MWK