Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-03-05
Riot Control Kit
Issue Date:10 February 2012Effective Date:10 February 2012
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    Required Items
    • 1.One Upper Body and Shoulder Protector
    • 2.One pair Forearm Guards
    • 3.One pair Riot Control Gloves
    • 4.One pair Shin Guards
    Optional Items
    • 1.One pair Elbow Pads
    • 2.One Groin Protector
    • 3.Personal Hydration Pack
    • 4.Protective Balaclava
    • 5.One Mission Specific Gear Bag
    • 1.Polyethylene
    • 2.Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and sponge foam
    • 3.Polyester mesh and brushed tricot
    • 4.Polypropylene
    • 5.High-density sponge foam
    • 6.Hook and loop attachments and straps
  • C.COLOR:
    Matte Black
    • 1.Upper Body and Shoulder Protector: Cellular in design to provide ample torso and shoulder protection without hindering mobility during tactical situations. Durable foam padding and plastic plates are encased in black nylon rigging. The neck roll will consist of 40mm high density sponge foam. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps and contoured design give a secure fit. Front- extended torso panel will provide extra safety of lower mid-section and upper-groin area. Upper body and torso protector will not provide ballistic protection but will provide protection against blows delivered from blunt objects. Adjustable hook and loop closures will accommodate POLICE labels of high visibility on front and back. The item will be secured by adjustable hook and loop straps with hook and eye closures.
      • a.Weight: Approximately 2 pounds
      • b.Sizes:
        • (1)Med/Lg: 42 - 46
        • (2)Xlg: 48 - 52
        • (3)XXLg: 52 - 56
        • (4)XXXLg: 56 +
    • 2.Forearm Protector: Forearm protector designed to shield the entire forearm from the wrist to the elbow. Construction consists of durable EVA foam covered by a plastic plate encased in a black ring. This will provide ample protection without hindering mobility during tactical or riot situations. This forearm protector does not provide ballistic protection but will safely absorb blows delivered from a blunt object. This item will be secured by adjustable hook and loop straps.
      • a.Weight: Approximately 6 ounces
      • b.Sizes: One size fits all
      • c.Dimensions: 10 inches high by 4 inches wide by 5 inches diameter
    • 3.Tactical Gloves: Designed for use in tactical operations, repelling, shooting, and self -defense, etc. This glove will be made of durable leather or a similar material. Features include shock absorbing, closed cell foam on the back hand. The glove will have full finger design. Layered palm for addition protection, with hook and loop closure at wrist.
      • a.Sizes: S – XXL
    • 4.Shin Guards: Hard shell shin guard designed for riot control situations. Shin guards will feature a hard polyethylene shell with an interior leg brace to withstand substantial blows to the leg and shin, built-in kneecap and pad, and adjustable or removable foot protectors. There will be three hook and loop closmes attached to spandex to provide comfort to the back of the leg.
      • a.Sizes:
        • (1)Med: 9 inch Shin portion, 13 ¼ inch total length
        • (2)Lg: 10 inch Shin portion, 14 ½ inch total length
        • (3)Xlg: 11 inch Shin portion, 18 ½ inch total length
    • 5.Insignia:
      • a.The chest protector will have a patch with the member's correct last name and correct star number affixed by hook to the section of loop on the upper left side (wearer's) of the protector. The patch will be black in color and measure 2 1/4 inches in height by 3 1/2 inches in length. The patch will have the member's last name sewn above the star number. Letters and numbers will be sewn in grey thread (#650C) using block font, 1/2 inches in height. Letters will be capitals.
      • b.The chest protector will have the rank-appropriate Chicago Police Department patch affixed to the left lower shoulder pad.
      • c.All chest protectors will have the rank-appropriate Chicago Police Department checkerboard border blue/white or blue/gold sewn onto the lower portion of the right shoulder pad.
    • 6.Elbow Pads: The elbow pads are contoured style designed to fit the movement of the elbow. They will be padded ½ inch foam covered by Cordura and nylon. Contoured rubber caps provide additional elbow protection. Black metal grommets will be used. This item will be secured by adjustable hook and loop straps.
      • a.Sizes: One size fits all
    • 7.Groin Protector: A lightweight protective outer garment used in conjunction with the Upper Body and Shoulder protector. The groin protector resists blunt force to the sensitive groin area. The overall design is a modular type construction that covers the groin area. The groin protector fastens to the upper body and shoulder protector with elastic and non-elastic straps and hook and loop closures for added protection without hindering mobility.
      • a.Size: 13 inches long x 9.45 inches wide
      • b.Weight: Approximately .60lbs
    • 8.Personal Hydration Pack:
      • a.70 oz (2 L) Water Reservoir
      • b.Valve made of self-sealing silicone with valve cover
      • c.One-handed on/off water flow on drink tube
      • d.Insulated drink tube cover to maintain water temperature
      • e.D-Rings for tube management
      • f.External fill for easy filling, cleaning and ice addition
      • g.Quick-release shoulder straps
      • h.Adjustable sternum strap
      • i.Hook-and-loop strap management
      • j.7mm closed cell foam on front and back panels for insulation
      • k.Grommet drain hole on front panel
      • l.Exterior constructed of 1000D Cordura nylon
    • 9.Protective Balaclava:
      • a.Black in color
      • b.Designed by the manufacturer so that the whole face is visible
      • c.May be made from fire retardant material
    • 10.Gear Bag: Specified gear bag designed to carry Riot/Swat gear and a helmet. The bag will be constructed of water resistant Cordura nylon or comparable fabric. Heavy duty zippers and removable shoulder strap. There will be a removable rigid bottom in the interior compartment. There will be exterior cargo type zippered pockets. This bag must be able to carry and secure a 36” baton.
      • a.Size: 34 inches long x 10 inches wide x 12 inches high.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
11-165 JAB