Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-01-04
Issue Date:26 August 2019Effective Date:26 August 2019
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    Four button double-breasted reefer overcoat with a length approximately 34 inches inches long for a size 42R. Will have a convertible ulster-style collar, two out-side slash-through pockets, one inside "book" pocket on the left side, a star patch on left breast, and side vents. Female garments will be proportionately cut and sized.
    • 1.Raeford 2 ply all wool elastique, #13507-96 Navy Blue, 19 to 20 ounces, or
    • 2.Hamburger Woolen #975, or
    • 3.Metcalf Brothers and Company wool elastique, #1470-2B, 11128 Brawny Blue, 28 ounces
  • C.COLOR:
    Dark navy blue.
    • 1.Collar: Will be between 3 inches and 3 ½ inches wide at center of back and to be 4 ½ inches at the notch. Undercollar will be same material as body of coat and will be cut in two to four pieces. Collar stand to be 1 ½ inches wide and to be substantially stitched for firmness. Canvas will be sewn inside of collar.
    • 2.Lapels: The lapels will be 10 inches long on outside edge of top buttonhole, and will be 4 ¾ inches wide from point to the break line. Notch will be 3 inches deep and be cut at right angles to break line.
    • 3.Sleeves: Fully lined sleeves (Skinner Satin "Sunback" or equal) with knitted wristlets. Hem turned under approximately 1 inch. Bottom of sleeves will be faced with black calfskin leather (Vinyl is not acceptable) and not protruding more than 1/16 inch on outside of sleeve.
    • 4.Pockets:
      • a.Outside Pockets: Welts will be 10 ½ inches long and 1 ¾ inches over slash and will be faced with black kid leather not protruding more than 1/16 inch on outside of welt. Welts will be placed on an angle. Top of welt beginning midway between second and third button. Angle to be determined as follows: top of seam welt to be set back 7 ½ inches.
      • b.Inside Pockets: Upper inside breast "book" pocket to be on left side, and to measure 6 inches wide by 9 inches deep. Pocket opening to be not more than 2 inches above armhole line. Pocket to be horizontal and to be double piped with piping to be ¼ inch. An optional cash pocket in facing on gun side, to be 5 ½ inches deep and 5 inches wide. Pocket opening to be 1 ½ inches above bottom button. The pocket should be horizontal and double piped.
      • c.All pocket linings are to be 2.50 heavy cotton drill.
    • 5.Facing: Inside facing will be of same material as the coat, cut in one piece and will not be less than 8 inches at the top and tapering to not less than 4 inches at the bottom.
    • 6.Side Vents: To have two side vents in side seams with snap. Vents are to be not less than 8 ½ inches and not more than 9 ½ inches long.
    • 7.Body Lining: Fully lined with 6 ounce Hollofil that is quilted through a muslin backing and a black nylon taffeta lining, 88 count or more. Quilt pattern will be 2 inch squares of fully lined with an 18 to 24 ounce blue wool lining. Additional zip-out linings of a quality similar to the Skinner Satin "sunback" (200 x 520 1.45 ounces thru 280 x 160 1.20 ounces) or equal will be permitted.

      Garments utilizing 28 ounce material (outer shell), may include 24 ounce blue wool lining, or other liners of a quality similar to Skinner Satin "sunback" lining. Optional zipout linings will be permitted. Inserted reinforcements on both sides to be of nay blue Antron nylon or same material as body of coat (to become part of body lining) and attached to the facing extending toward the side seam and to be 8 inches wide at the top and 12 inches wide at the bottom
    • 8.Arm Shields: Will be made of same material as coat, piped and sewn to lining. Fronts interlined with either high grade quality fusables which resist bubbling, water and dry cleaning; or Hymo canvas. The bottom of the lining to be clean finished closed with 5 inches openings at the facings on each side
    • 9.Buttons: Two rows of #40 ligne Chicago Police Department buttons for sergeants and police officers. For lieutenants and above, two rows of #45 ligne black ivory buttons which are to be placed four on each side 6 inches from finished edge, spaced vertically equidistant 4 ½ inches apart. Left side will be sunk and securely fastened with tins and toggles. Right side will be fastened with tins and toggles, or securely sewn through and reinforced from inside with 18 ligne black buttons. There will be one 40 ligne black rim button concealed under the collar of right side.
    • 10.Sleeve Buttons: Two #24 ligne CPD buttons sunk near back seam at wrist. The first button will be 2 inches from the bottom edge and the second button will be 1 ½ inches apart.
    • 11.Buttonholes: Will be Reese machined, including one in each lapel and to be ¼ inch from second stitching.
    • 12.Seams: All seams will be plain.
    • 13.Shoulder Epaulets (Lieutenants and above): Epaulets will be the same material as coat and will measure approximately 2 ¼ inches at the shoulder seam, tapering to 1 ¾ inches at edge of collar and extending under the collar. One 24 ligne CPD button will be sunk through epaulet at the edge of the collar and sewn to the shoulder.
    • 14.Nameplate Reinforcement: Two round eyelets, spaced 1 5/8 inches apart. To be placed on the right breast and centered, the eyelets will be on the same horizontal plane with the bottom of the star. The thread for the eyelets will be of the same color and will be colorfast. Reinforcement patch is necessary on this garment.
    • 15.Star Reinforcement: Cut from same material as body of coat, rectangular in shape with two metal eyelets. Patch will be 2 inches in length and 1 inch wide. Distance between the metal eyelets will be 1 ¼ inches. Star patch will be placed on left breast and sewn down on all sides, 2 inches to 2 ½ inches left of top button to center of patch. Bottom of center of patch will be on line with top of top button.
    • 16.City of Chicago Flag Patch: Wool/felt, sewn on right shoulder, centered 1 ¼ inches below outer shoulder seam.
    • 17.CPD Patch: Wool/felt, sewn on left shoulder, ¾ inch below outer shoulder seam.
    All garments will be permanently labeled with the manufacturer country of origin, size, fiber content, and care instructions. A label indicating that the garment is a Chicago Police Department approved item will be sewn inside the right inside pocket. The label will include the date of manufacture. The label stitching will not be visible on the flap front. No manufacturer or representative may suggest that a garment is an approved Chicago Police Department garment without prior inspection of a completed sample and written authorization of the Director, Research and Development Division, Chicago Police Department.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-020 JJR