Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S01-01-10
CLEAR Automated Department Awards System
Issue Date:03 March 2005Effective Date:03 March 2005
Index Category:Department Organization
This notice:
  • A.introduces the CLEAR Automated Department Awards System, a pilot program that automates the process of initiating and approving Department Awards.
  • B.establishes responsibilities and procedures for the entry and approval of information into the Automated Department Awards System.
  • C.introduces the CLEAR Automated Awards Quick Guide, available on the Department Intranet.
This system is operational Department-wide.
  • A.The CLEAR Department Award Quick Guide provides step-by-step instructions for initiating and completing the process of an award request utilizing the CLEAR Automated Department Award System.
  • B.The CLEAR Automated Award Quick Guide is available in two formats: one to be utilized by the initiator of the request and one to be utilized by the command staff members responsible for reviewing the request.
  • C.The CLEAR Department Award Quick Guides can be obtained from the Department Intranet by:
    • 1.accessing the Chicago Police Department Intranet main page,
    • 2.clicking on the I-CLEAR Logon icon,
    • 3.on the I-CLEAR Systems page, click on “Personnel Suite Help Guides,”
    • 4.on the “Personnel Suite Help” page, click on the drop down box under “All Unit” and select “CLEAR Automated Award Quick Guide.”
  • A.The Automated Department Awards System is a web-based computer application designed to provide for:
    • 1.supervisors to nominate a Department member for a Department Award.
    • 2.affected Department members to query the status of their own award nomination.
  • B.All Department Awards of affected units will be initiated using the Automated Department Awards System.
  • C.The Automated Department Awards system will change the manner in which Department supervisors create a Department Awards nomination and the manner in which members within the chain of command denote approval.
    • 1.The member will process the Department Award nomination directly into the computer database.
    • 2.Instead of signing the Department Award nomination, the supervisor will electronically forward the nomination through the chain of command.
  • D.Unless specifically delineated in this directive or training, all other aspects of the Department Awards will remain the same.
  • A.A Department supervisor affected by this pilot program will initiate an award recommendation utilizing the CLEAR Automated Department Awards System by following the procedures delineated in the CLEAR Automated Awards Quick Guide.
  • B.Commanding officers in the requesting supervisor’s chain of command will follow the procedures delineated in the CLEAR Automated Awards Quick Guide.
  • C.Department members recommended for an award may check the status of the request by following procedures delineated in the pertinent CLEAR Department Award Quick Guide.
  • A.Training on the CLEAR Automated Department Awards System will be provided on-site by an Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT) training team prior to the implication of this system.
  • B.Additional assistance will be available via the Help Desk, and the appropriate user’s guide.
  • A.If a member is unable to access the CLEAR Automated Department Award system application on a Department computer located within a unit in which the CLEAR Automated Department Award system is operational, that member will telephone the Help Desk for assistance.
  • B.In the event of a system unavailability, PSIT will notify all affected units via facsimile message with information regarding the expected duration of the unavailability.
    • 1.A CLEAR Automated Department Awards system unavailability is defined as:
      • a.any circumstances in which the mechanical operation of the CLEAR Automated Department Awards System application or of the network server directly related to the application fails or is intentionally taken down for maintenance, or
      • b.any other circumstances, to include power failures, which make the CLEAR Automated Department Awards system application inoperative or unavailable to unit members.
    • 2.When a watch commander has determined or been notified that a CLEAR Automated Department Awards System unavailability has occurred affecting his or her facility, the watch commander will:
      • a.determine whether the unavailability is the result of a planned service interruption conducted by PSIT.
      • those instance where PSIT did not notify the affected units of the unavailability:
        • (1)ensure a notification is made to the Help Desk; and
        • (2)request PSIT to ascertain and report the expected duration that the system will be unavailable.
    • 3.Districts of assignment will maintain their data in the event of system unavailability and utilize the system when it becomes available.
  • A.Within six months of the effective date of this notice, the Awards Committee, as delineated in the Department directive entitled “Department Awards,” will meet to evaluate the effectiveness of this program.
  • B.The Chairperson of the Awards Committee will forward a report to the Superintendent summarizing the findings of the committee and recommending to continue, terminate, modify, or expand the program.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
04-282 PMD(PMD)