Alternate/Optional Uniform and Equipment Items
This directive:
  • A.describes alternate and optional uniform/equipment items.
  • B.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard 41.
  • A.The provisions of this order do not apply to the alternate prescribed and auxiliary firearms as outlined in the Department directive entitled "Department Approved Weapons and Ammunition."
  • B.Alternate and optional uniform/equipment items are authorized for field uniform wear, unless also specified for dress uniform wear.
  • C.Winter and summer uniform garments will be worn in a manner consistent with the seasonal and temperature requirements described in the Department directive entitled "Personal Appearance, Uniform / Citizen's Dress and Equipment."
  • D.On duty members, unless otherwise specified, will use only those uniform/equipment items listed in the Department's Uniform and Specifications Manual or this directive.
  • E.Members may only purchase uniform and equipment items that are the most currently approved item at the time or purchase; members may not wear uniform or equipment items that were approved on a date prior to their purchase but subsequently replaced by another item.
  • F.If a uniform or equipment item needs to be replaced for any reason, it will be replaced by the version of that item from the most current specification at the time of replacement.
III.Uniform/Equipment Items
  • A.Alternate Items
    • 1.Footwear
      • a.Athletic type shoe (field duty use only)
      • b.Chukka boot
      • c.Oxford
      • d.Boots
    • 2.Jacket, Leather (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 3.Trousers, wool (female)
  • B.Optional Items
    • 1.Awards
      • a.Medals
      • b.Ribbon Bars
    • 2.Belt keepers (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 3.Bomb Disposal Suit
    • 4.Cap, cloth trooper
      • a.50% antron nylon/50% rayon twill (members wearing rayon twill jackets)
      • b.330 denier Cordura nylon (members wearing Cordura nylon jackets)
      • c.Tactel 3-season nylon (members wearing Tactel jackets, fleece jackets, or leather jackets).
      • d.100% Nylon rugged Dobby weave (members wearing Tactel jackets, fleece jackets, or leather jackets).
    • 5.Cap, mesh round crown
    • 6.Cap, knit
    • 7.Coat, laboratory
    • 8.Coat, smock
    • 9.Coat, specialized shop coat
    • 10.Coveralls, one-piece (Specialized & Utility)
    • 11.Coveralls, specialized one-piece anti-static
    • 12.Coverall, specialized Marine Unit
    • 13.Ear protection, cold weather (black only, plain design, low profile)
    • 14.Footwear
      • a.Boots, combat/jump with toe seam
      • b.Footwear, duty boots
    • 15.Footwear, overshoes (inclement weather only):
      • a.Buckle
      • b.Quarter/Half/Full (Slip on/Zipper)
      • c.Specialized (Firemans Boots)
    • 16.Gloves, black
    • 17.Holsters, other (auxiliary handguns)
    • 18.Insignia - Embroidered star, name patch, unit designator, and back "POLICE" patch for select outer garments (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 19.Jacket
      • a.50% antron nylon/50% rayon twill
      • b.330 denier Cordura nylon
      • c.Tactel 3-season nylon
    • 20.Jacket - Windbreaker
    • 21.Jacket, Marine Unit
    • 22.Jacket, fleece
    • 23.Keyring loop and strap
    • 24.Leggings, cloth
    • 25.Mourning band (when worn will not obscure star number)
    • 26.Muffler, Black only
    • 27.Pants, insulated bib
    • 28.Purse, female exempt
    • 29.Rain suit, inclement weather authorized for members assigned to motorcycle, PAPV, or foot patrol
    • 30.Rainwear, Marine Unit
    • 31.Suspenders (concealed)
    • 32.Sweater
      • a.Pull-over
      • b.Zip-up
    • 33.Traffic safety equipment (excluding Traffic Safety Vest)
    • 34.Trousers, polyester/wool blends (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 35.Trousers, cargo (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 36.Overshirt vest carrier (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 37.Utility uniform, sworn members
    • 38.Utility uniform, Civilian members
    • 39.Turtleneck/Mock Turtleneck/Turtleneck Dickey (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 40.Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) consistent with the Uniform Specification Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK).

(Items indicated by italics/double underline were revised.)
John J. Escalante
Interim Superintendent of Police
T15-093 PJE / T15-215 CMF