Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E03-01
Medical Policy
Issue Date:18 March 1998Effective Date:01 April 1998
Index Category:Medical, Health, and Wellness
This directive establishes Department procedures for:
  • A.Sworn Medical Roll - Injury on Duty Status.
  • B.Sworn Medical Roll - Non Injury on Duty Status.
  • C.Sworn Limited/Convalescent Duty Program.
  • D.Civilian Injury on Duty Status
  • E.Civilian Sick Leave
  • F.Crossing Guard - Injury on Duty Status
It is the policy and duty of the Chicago Police Department to ensure that its members possess the physical stamina and psychological stability to perform their duties. Sick leave is a benefit to be utilized only in case of a legitimate illness or injury of the member. The medical benefits afforded members are intended to allow a member who has experienced serious or catastrophic illness or injury or an occasional minor malady, time to recover without the loss of pay or benefits.
III.General Information
  • A.The Department has a duty and responsibility to ensure all Department members possess the physical stamina and psychological stability to perform required duties. The Superintendent of Police or his designee may require any Department member to submit to physical and/or psychiatric examinations in order to determine fitness for duty.
  • B.Sworn members who have completed their probationary period will be allowed medical absences as set forth in this directive.
  • C.Medical certification will be withheld or withdrawn whenever a sworn Department member fails to comply with the provisions of this directive, relating to:
    • 1.procedures for placement on, and removal from, the medical roll.
    • 2.procedures for reporting to the Medical Services Section or any medical service provider.
    • 3.participation in a treatment plan for recuperation as recommended by a treating physician.
    • 4.timely submission of medical documents.
  • D.A member can have his medical decertification reviewed by submitting a To/From/Subject report along with substantiating documentation directly to the Medical Administrator showing compliance with medical roll policy.
    The Medical Services Section will review the actions and/or documentation taken by the member and respond in writing within seven calendar days.
  • E.Probationary Police Officers (Recruits)
    • 1.Twelve sick leave days will be allowed probationary police officers for use during the probation period.
    • 2.Probationary police officers will be credited one paid sick leave day on the first day of each month.
      Leaving the City's employment does not entitle a probationary police officer to payment for unused sick leave days.
    • 3.In the event a probationary police officer is injured on duty, procedures delineated in Addendum 1 of this directive will be followed.
  • A.City Council Committee on Finance
    • 1.The Committee on Finance (COF) is authorized to approve or disapprove payments of injury on duty medical bills. Bills which are recommended for approval of payment will be sent to the City Council for final approval and payment.
    • 2.The Committee on Finance notifies the Corporation Counsel's Office of cases involving sworn members who are classified as injured on duty and a civil action to receive a settlement from a third party has been initiated.
  • B.Finance Division
    The Finance Division notifies the Corporation Counsel's Office in all cases that involve a sworn member who was injured off duty by a third party and reimbursement for wages may be possible.
  • C.Human Resources Division
    • 1.The command staff member of the Human Resources Division will be responsible ultimately for exercising oversight and supervision of the Medical Services Section.
    • 2.The Medical Services Section (MSS):
      • the Department repository for medical records of all sworn members.
      • b.maintains required governmental medical records.
      • c.administers the sworn medical roll.
      • d.based upon written recommendations of treating medical professionals, determines a sworn member's fitness for duty.
      • e.coordinates and supports the Communicable Disease Program.
      • f.supports and/or administers other health related programs as authorized by the Superintendent of Police.
      • and renders a medical opinion to the COF as to whether injuries documented in the Injury on Duty Report are consistent with the reported circumstances.
      • h.approves all medical care for sworn members related to a certified injury on duty.
      • i.examines the service charges made for medical attention rendered to a sworn member injured on duty and certifies that those services were authorized and medically appropriate and necessary.
      • j.ensures that each Injury on Duty Report and related documents are forwarded to the Committee on Finance.
      • k.evaluates claims of a recurrence of an injury on duty to determine certification.
      • l.returns to the injured member, through the Department's chain of command, all claims disapproved by the Committee on Finance.
      • m.administers the Sworn Limited/Convalescent Duty Program.
      • n.recommends to the command staff member of the Human Resources Division that a sworn member be authorized a leave of absence to apply for disability pension benefits.
      • o.schedules an appointment for a civilian Department member to determine fitness for duty.
Terry G. Hillard
Acting Superintendent of Police
94-109 MER
1. -
Any incident, wherein a Department sworn member receives an injury or becomes disabled while in the discharge of police duties and by reason of, or as a consequence of, the performance of such duties, shall be considered an Injury on Duty.
2. -
A finding by the Medical Section that use of the medical roll is appropriate as a result of an illness/injury and the member is in compliance with applicable rules and directions.
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