Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D12-03
ShotSpotter Flex Program
Issue Date:31 August 2012Effective Date:31 August 2012
Index Category:Department Notice
This directive informs Department members of the implementation of the ShotSpotter Flex program initiative for use as part of the Chicago Police Department Gang Violence Reduction Strategy (GVRS).
This program is operational in districts 007 and 011 as well as parts of districts 008 and 025 in the ShotSpotter coverage area.
III.General Information
ShotSpotter Flex is a wide-area acoustic gunshot detection, alert, and analysis tool. The system delivers critical data and actionable information that will enable Department members to not only respond efficiently to gunfire incidents faster and more safely, but also to enable them to proactively develop effective problem-oriented, data-driven policing strategies and tactical operations using real-time information.
  • A.Crime Prevention Information Center (CPIC) will receive, process, and disseminate timely intelligence to field units in order to assist in the apprehension of Unlawful Use of a Weapon (UUW) and gang-related shooting offenders. Furthermore, CPIC will use the real-time gunfire intelligence to assist in the effective recommendation for the deployment of Departmental resources.
  • B.Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT) will direct technical support activities for the ShotSpotter program.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-093 TRH