Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E01-15
Department Member Political Activity
Issue Date:07 January 2019Effective Date:07 January 2019
Rescinds:22 May 2015 Version
Index Category:Employee Rights and Responsibilities
This directive:
  • A.delineates policy and procedures relative to sworn members:
    • 1.participating in any partisan political campaign or activity, or
    • 2.running for any federal, state, county, or municipal political office.
  • B.introduces the automated Personnel Action Request (PAR) application for taking leaves of absence relative to Department members appointment or election to the Illinois General Assembly.
  • A.Department members are prohibited from participating in ANY partisan political campaign or activity while on duty, including but not limited to distributing campaign literature or wearing or displaying political paraphernalia.
  • B.Pursuant to Executive Order No. 2011-6 issued on 16 May 2011 by the Mayor of the City of Chicago:
    • 1.The Chicago Police Department is prohibited from "conditioning, basing, or knowingly prejudicing or affecting any term or aspect of government employment (other than for exempt positions) or offering employment (whether to a prospective or current City employee) based upon or because of any political reason or factor, including, without limitation, any individual's political affiliation, political support or activity, political financial contributions, promises of such political support, activity or financial contributions, or such individual's political sponsorship or recommendation; or assisting any other individual in engaging in any of the above-described conduct."
    • 2."Any employee of the City who learns of an allegation of unlawful political discrimination in connection with any aspect of government employment with the City, or who believes that such unlawful political discrimination has occurred or is occurring, shall report this information to the Inspector General's Office directly and without undue delay."
      A complaint log number is required to be obtained whenever any Department member is involved in any allegation of unlawful political discrimination. Department members will refer to the Department directive titled "Complaint and Disciplinary Procedures."
      • a."City employees and officials shall not retaliate against, punish, or penalize any job applicant, City employee, or City official for making complaints, public disclosures, or reports about any alleged violation of the above prohibitions in this Executive Order."
      • b."City employees and officials shall not retaliate against, punish, or penalize any job applicant, City employee or City official for cooperating with or assisting the monitor, the Inspector General, or law enforcement authorities investigating any alleged violation of the above prohibitions in this Executive Order."
  • C.The Department will not prohibit a sworn member from, or discriminate against, his or her engaging in political activities or campaigning while off duty, provided that the sworn member does not:
    • 1.wear a uniform or any part thereof which would identify the individual as a Chicago Police Officer, or use property (including facilities, vehicles, equipment, records, documents, video recordings, audio recordings, or photographs) of the Chicago Police Department;
    • 2.display or otherwise lead others to believe he or she is carrying a badge, baton, or gun;
    • 3.hold himself/herself out as a Chicago Police Officer.
      A truthful response to a legitimate question shall not be a violation of this section.
  • A.Sworn members will notify their unit commanding officer that they are running for political office via To-From-Subject report within 72 hours of filing the appropriate statement of candidacy and petition with the Board of Elections to be designated a candidate for public office.
  • B.A sworn member who runs for political office may, but need not, take a leave of absence consistent with the criteria established in the Department directive entitled "Leaves of Absence and Resignations."
  • C.Department members appointed or elected to the Illinois General Assembly must take or be recorded as absent without pay if under 30 days, or take an unpaid leave of absence if 30 days or more, for work days during which that person is attending a session of the Illinois General Assembly:
    • 1.Member's sick days, designated holidays, vacation days, compensatory time or other form of compensation should neither be taken nor recorded for days during which that person is attending a session of the General Assembly [reference: State Constitution Article IV, sections 1;2(e)];
    • 2.No member of the General Assembly shall receive compensation as a public officer or employee from any other governmental entity for time during which he or she is in attendance as a member of the General Assembly;
    • 3.If the leave of absence is either under 30 days or 30 days or more, an automated PAR form must be generated. The member will access CLEAR Applications and select Personnel Action Request (PAR). The member will then:
      • "Create PAR by Employee";
      • "Leave of Absence" from the list of available actions;
      • "Government (State, Fed, County, Etc)" from the available reasons;
      • d.complete all required information, including providing all relevant dates;
      • e.attach a complete City of Chicago Department of Human Resources Request for Leave of Absence form (PER-73-A) and;
      • f.submit the automated PAR through the chain of command for approval.
  • D.When taking a leave of absence as an elected official, sworn members will be eligible to apply for an "Elected Official" identification card from the Human Resource Division. Members will refer to the Department directive titled "Department Identification Cards and Photos."
  • E.Department members appointed or elected to the Chicago City Council
    Pursuant to 65 ILCS 20/21-14(b), no member of the City Council shall at the same time hold any other civil service office under the federal, state, or city government, except if such member is granted a leave of absence from such civil service office, or except in the National Guard, or as a notary public, and except such honorary offices as go by appointment without compensation.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
T17-161 EW