Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-03-02
Uniform - Probationary Police Officer
Issue Date:09 September 2015Effective Date:09 September 2015
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
I.Introductory Package
II.Physical Training Equipment
  • A.BDU:
    • 1.See Uniform Specification (U06-03-06 - Uniform - BDU).
    • 2.Chicago Police Department and City of Chicago shoulder patches will not be worn on the BDU uniform.
  • B.Sweat Shirt:
    • 1.Will be medium weight 50% polyester / 50% cotton, long sleeve, with rib collar and bottom and collarette cuff with the Probationary Police Officer's name in white two-inch letters across the front.
    • 2.Color: Navy Blue
  • C.Sweat Pants:
    • 1.Will be medium in weight 50% polyester / 50% cotton, plain, full length, with elastic cuffs and elastic drawstring waist.
    • 2.Color: Navy Blue
  • D.Tee Shirt:
    • 1.Will be medium in weight 50% polyester / 50% cotton, short sleeve with the Probationary Police Officer's name in white two-inch letters across the front
    • 2.Color: Ash Gray
  • E.Shorts:
    • 1.Will be medium in weight 50% polyester / 50% cotton, plain
    • 2.Color: Navy Blue
  • F.Shoes:
    • 1.Will be good quality athletic shoes.
    • 2.Color: Black or white with white rubberized type, non-marring sole.
  • G.Socks:
    • 1.Ankle-high crew socks with no marking or color stripes
    • 2.Color: White
  • H.Redman Helmet
  • I.Double Mouth Guard with Case
  • J.Safety Goggles
III.Uniform - Bicycle Patrol
See Uniform Specification (U06-03-04 - Uniform - Bicycle Patrol).
IV.Gun Belt Appurtenances and Associated Equipment
Exposed hardware on duty equipment will be silver on color. Duty Belt will be 2 ¼ inches wide "Sam Brown" type. Leather or leather-like material (plain black in color, with no design).
  • A.Duty Holster:
    Minimum Level 2 retention is required, plain black in color. Duty holster must be worn on the strong side. A "drop shank" is optional.
  • B.Pistol-Mounted Light (Optional):
    The pistol-mounted light will meet the requirements consistent with Department directive (U04-02-07 - Semiautomatic Pistol-Mounted Lights).
    If a Probationary Police Officer chooses to affix a pistol-mounted light to their duty weapon, the holster must correctly accommodate this optional item.
  • C.Handcuffs:
    Good quality chain link type (no hinged cuffs).
  • D.HandCuff Case:
    Plain black in color, snap closure.
  • E.Magazine Pouch:
    • 1.Double compartment,
    • 2.capable of being worn vertically,
    • 3.plain black in color, and
    • 4.snap closure.
  • F.OC Holder and Inert OC Spray:
    Plain black in color, snap closure.
  • G.Baton Ring:
    Plain black in color.
  • H.Key Snap Ring:
    Plain black in color.
  • I.Belt Keepers:
    Plain black in color, four required.
  • J.Eye Protection:
    • 1.Clear, high-impact lenses, glass or polycarbonate;
    • 2.thin temple and frame constructed of wire or polycarbonate that does not interfere with the proper wearing of muff-type hearing protectors; or
    • 3.external, impact resistant, corrective eye wear.
    Chemistry goggles or shaded lenses of any kind are not acceptable.
  • K.Hearing Protection:
    • 1.polycarbonate/plastic construction,
    • 2.over head /over ear design, and
    • 3.minimum of 21 DB noise reduction.
    Electronically filtered earmuffs are not authorized for use on the Academy Range. Soft inner ear plugs may be worn under but not in place of the the head-design hearing protection.
  • L.Snap Caps:
    • 1.9mm caliber
    • 2.Minimum of 10 required.
  • M.Pistol Case:
    Polycarbonate/plastic or metal construction, capable of being locked securely with a key or combination lock that fits the case.
  • N.Cleaning Kit:
    Containing the following:
    • 1.Cleaning rod, brass or aluminum, swivel handle
    • 2.Bore brush, brass bristle, 9mm caliber
    • 3.Slotted tip
    • 4.Patch jag of 9mm caliber
    • 5.Cleaning solvent
    • 6. Firearm lubricant
    • 7.Utility brush, plastic or nylon, toothbrush design
    • 8.Utility brush, (copper, brass, or bronze) toothbrush design
    • 9.Patches, 9mm caliber
    • 10. Disposable rags
    • 11.Old shirt, to wear over uniform
    • 12.Latex gloves.
  • O.Flashlight:
    See Uniform Specification (U9161.204C - Flashlights).
  • P.Off-duty Holster:
    • 1.At least one retaining device
    • 2.Rigid holster design
    • 3.Single magazine pouch for off-duty.
V.Advanced Package
VI.Additional Uniform and Equipment Items
The Deputy Chief, Education and Training Division, may require probationary police officers to own and maintain additional uniform/equipment items not listed in this Department directive.
VII.Additional Prescribed Uniform and Equipment Items
All sworn personnel are required to own and maintain the prescribed uniform/equipment items listed in Department directive U04-01-01 - Prescribed Uniform and Equipment Items.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
15-103 PJE