Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D15-01
Body Worn Camera Pilot Program- Phase II
Issue Date:01 June 2016Effective Date:01 June 2016
Rescinds:10 May 2016 version
Index Category:Department Notice
This directive initiates Phase II of the Body Worn Camera (BWC) Pilot Program.
This pilot program utilizes the following:
  • A.A body-worn camera system consisting of a camera and controller/battery pack in one.
  •—a web-based storage and retrieval system.
  • A.As of 20 January 2015, the BWC pilot program is operational for members assigned to the 014th District.
  • B.Further expansions of the BWC pilot program will be announced via AMC message.
Members assigned a BWC will follow the policy and procedures in the directive entitled "Body Worn Cameras."
  • A.Watch operations lieutenants on a weekly basis will:
    • 1.randomly review the video recordings for the duration of the pilot program.
    • 2.submit a report to the district executive officer regarding their observations and recommendations for the use of the BWCs.
  • B.The district executive officer will:
    • the reports submitted by the WOL; and
    • 2.submit a report through the chain of command regarding recommendations to the Chief, Bureau of Patrol, ATTN: BWC Pilot Program Evaluation Committee, at the conclusion of each police period.
  • C.The BWC Pilot Program Evaluation Committee will be composed of the following members:
    • 1.Chief, Bureau of Patrol, who will serve as chairperson;
    • 2.General Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs;
    • 3.Deputy Chief, Education and Training Division;
    • 4.Deputy Chief, Technology and Records Group;
    • 5.Director, Research and Development Division;
    • 6.Director, General Support Division;
    • 7.Department of Justice liaison;
    • 8.District commanders of the pilot districts.
  • D.Responsibilities of the BWC Pilot Program Evaluation Committee
    • 1.Throughout the course of the pilot program, meet as needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and determine if it should be continued, expanded, modified, or terminated.
    • 2.At the conclusion of the pilot program, prepare a report to the Superintendent providing the results of the evaluation and a recommendation to continue, expand, modify, or terminate the program.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16-013 CMF