Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-11
Strategic Subject List (SSL) Dashboard
Issue Date:14 July 2016Effective Date:14 July 2016
Index Category:Information Management
This directive describes the Chicago Police Department's Strategic Subject List (SSL) Dashboard. The Chicago Police Department, in partnership with the Illinois Institute of Technology, has received U.S. Department of Justice grant funding to develop a subject-based prediction model to proactively identify and address crime problems.
The primary goal of the Strategic Subject List (SSL) Dashboard is to rank individuals with a criminal record according to their probability of being involved in a shooting or murder, either as a victim or an offender, known as a "Party to Violence" (PTV).
  • A.The SSL is an assessment tool that looks at a number of factors from a person's criminal record, including the record of violence among the subject's criminal associates, gang membership, the degree to which the subject's criminal activities are on the rise, and the types and intensity of criminal history.
  • B.The algorithm does not use any information about where the person lives, or race or gender, only the pattern of criminal activity.
  • C.Placement on the SSL is not a factor for consideration of reasonable suspicion or probable cause and a subject's score will not be included on any case or arrest reporting documentation.
  • D.Department members may use the SSL as an investigative resource.
III.Strategic Subject List General Information
  • A.The SSL assigns a score from 1 to 500, with higher scores representing greater risk for future involvement with a shooting or murder.
  • B.Scores are validated retrospectively by analyzing historical data and computing performance metrics to prove and optimize accuracy.
  • C.The SSL employs a weighting system which scores recent shooting incidents as a higher risk than earlier incidents in a subject's timeline.
  • D.The SSL shows "flagged" subjects who have been identified through the SSL model, input from district commanders, the Deployment Operations Section, and other human input to help determine which subjects should be considered most at-risk in a given district.
  • E.The SSL model drives a custom notification process that identifies potential criminal actors and victims associated with the continuum of violence.
  • F.The custom notification is predicated upon national research that concluded certain actions and associations within an individual's environment are a precursor to certain outcomes should the individual decide to or continue to engage in criminal behavior.
  • G.Opportunities for seeking assistance will also be provided during the notification. However, it is ultimately the decision of the individual to choose not to engage in criminal activity. Department members will refer to the Department directive entitled "Custom Notifications In Chicago."
IV.Technological Use of the Strategic Subject List
To login to the Strategic Subject List (SSL) Dashboard, members will locate the SSL Dashboard link available in the CLEAR System under the "What's New" section and click on it.
  • A.After login, by default, the user is on the SSL Dashboard - Search Results screen where all subjects with an SSL score of one or higher are shown and placed in descending order of score.
    • 1.Subject Details Icon
      • a.Members clicking on the "Subject Details" button to the right of a subject in the results section will reveal the following detailed information:
        • (1)Subject Tab: Displays demographic and identification information, as well as details regarding criminal warrants, investigative alerts, parole, most recent weapon offense, narcotics arrest, and domestic violence arrest record;
        • (2)Score Tab: Displays a detailed explanation via charts of how the given subject's score was calculated;
        • (3)Gang Tab: Provides detailed information regarding gang membership from records held in the gang audit, DOC gang conflict, and gang arrest card databases;
        • (4)Persona Tab: Displays information of verified social media identities/ nicknames used by the subject, when available;
        • (5)SSL Flag Tab: If the subject has been placed on the SSL List, details regarding the unit placing the subject on the list and the date added will be displayed here;
        • (6)TRAP Flag Tab: If the subject has been flagged as TRAP eligible, details regarding the unit flagging the subject on the list and the date added to the TRAP list are displayed;
        • (7)Intervention Tab: If the subject has been the recipient of intervention activities (i.e. Custom Notification, Call-In, etc.), details regarding the intervention activity will be listed here;
        • (8)Activity: This section will display a list of the subject's arrest history by type, description of arrest, district of arrest, and date of occurrence.
        • (9)Timeline Tab: This section will display a detailed, interactive record of the subject's contact with police, including arrests, being listed as a victim/offender in case reports, IDOC status, and Investigative Stop Reports; and
        • (10)Violence Reduction Strategy (VRS) Subject Profile: This section will be compiled by CPIC and will list the subject's demographic and identification information, gang affiliation, investigative alert, arrest history, known associates, investigatory stop reports, traffic convictions, interventions, ANOV citations, and analyst's notes in one report.
          For further technological assistance with the SSL, members can login to the Strategic Subject List Dashboard / help link located in the CLEAR system under the What's New section and the follow Information Services Division (ISD) Technology Update Instruction Sheet.
  • B.The Information Services Division will be responsible for the accuracy and maintenance of the Strategic Subject List (SSL) Dashboard database.
    • 1.The Strategic Subject List (SSL) Dashboard can be located in the WIRE application located in the CLEAR system home page:
      • a.members can login to the WIRE application and search for the "Data Warehouse" tab, click on it, and a link for the Strategic Subject List (SSL) Dashboard will be available; OR
      • b.members can login to the WIRE application and search for the "Dashboards" tab, click on it, and a link for the Strategic Subject List (SSL) Dashboard will be available.
V.Program Evaluation
  • A.The RAND Corporation is the evaluation partner with CPD for the grant and will be actively monitoring the progress and efficiency of the SSL program.
  • B.RAND has been thoroughly investigating the framework of the model, the methodology of the program, the accuracy of the list, and the program impact.
Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
TSS 16-055