Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S03-19
Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC)
Issue Date:05 July 2017Effective Date:05 July 2017
Index Category:Field Operations
This directive:
  • A.introduces the Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC).
  • B.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapter 45.
The SDSCs will be:
  • A.operational within the 006th, 007th, 009th, 010th, 011th, and 015th districts.
  • B.staffed by sworn Department members, minimum of two per watch, at all times.
  • C.staffed by a designated civilian analyst.
  • D.coordinated by district supervisory personnel as designated by the district commander.
Any further expansion of the SDSCs will be announced through the appropriate Department channels.
III.General Information
The SDSCs will:
  • A.act as the center of intelligence for the district, where Department members and analysts will meet and will conduct daily and weekly intelligence briefings for the district commander. This will assist the district command staff in the determination of district-related missions and deployment of Department resources.
  • a coordinated effort in which district personnel and specialized analysts will participate in the development of crime reduction strategies for the district command staff.
  • C.combine intelligence gathering by field personnel with quantitative data analytics, to provide real-time situational awareness to Department members to enhance response times and crime-prevention efforts.
  • D.serve as the center for collection, analysis, and dissemination of real-time information pertaining to violent crimes within the participating districts.
  • E.utilize crime-reduction technology as determined by Information Services Division (ISD).
  • A.Department SDSC personnel will:
    • 1.collaborate with the district intelligence officer, the district CompStat officer, the district tactical teams, watch operations lieutenants, the district community relations officers, and other specialty personnel to anticipate and combat future criminal acts.
    • 2.disseminate situational awareness reports on a daily basis to the district command staff.
    • 3.provide a daily briefing and presentation to district and other Department personnel, as necessary.
  • B.Department members will refer to district SDSC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all additional operating procedures and responsibilities as determined by the district command staff.
  • C.Information Services Division (ISD) will direct technical support and coordinate the SDSC initiative.
Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
16-122 RCL/KT
1.S03-19-01 - ShotSpotter Flex Program