Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-01-08
Jacket - Tactel Three-Season
Issue Date:26 August 2019Effective Date:26 August 2019
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    This jacket is a three-season, waist-length style with 2-way full-length zippered front hidden by a double storm flap to create a waterproof fly down the front of the jacket with six hidden snaps attached. Integrated dual duty collar attached to the zipper and storm flap with hidden draw-string hood. Two 2-way patch pockets with flap closures and hand warmer lining. Two additional vertical set-in security pockets aligned 1 inch from center seams of front storm flap. Two-piece dolman sleeves with elasticized and snapped tab cuffs. Two 10 inch side vents zippered with hook and loop closures. Zip-out, snap on removable fleece liner. The manufacturer must be ISO 9001:2000 certified to ensure consistency of product standards. Manufacturer must provide a published lifetime or limited lifetime warranty against product defects, component failure, and waterproofness.
    • 1.Shell Fabric: Will be 100% Tactel® 2-ply nylon with water repellant finish and back coating. Density will be 156 x 52, weight will be 168 xg/yd, and back coating will be PU coated w/p 600mm.
    • 2.Shell Lining: 100% Nylon Taffeta, 70 Denier warp and fill, color black, with a waterproof /breathable – WeatherTech™ coating. All lining joining seams will be safety stitched and then sealed with 1 inch heat sealed tape to prevent leakage. The tape will be applied by hot air method. All stitching through the shell lining will be sealed with waterproof tape. The lining material will extend through the top collar of the shell garment to form a waterproof barrier. There will be 2 female snaps at the seam joining point and opposite, approximately 2 ¼ inches from the sleeve bottom, to attach to the removable liner. There will be inside zippers sewn on top of front zipper tape on both sides to accommodate an optional zip-in fleece liner.
    • 3.Facing: There will be inside facings of shell material with a non-woven interlining (100% polyester) approximately 1 inch wide on each side. The inside facing zippers will be #5 Delrin reversible measuring approximately 26 inches long. There will be an 8 inch nylon coil zipper on a facing of shell material for access to the outer shell for embroidery or customization to the left front without sewing through the lining. The facing will be backed with material and seams taped to prevent leakage.
    • 4.Barrier Membrane: The membrane will be 2 layers and will be 100% polyester 50 denier micro-fiber cloth, 72 warp and fill, with a nominal weight of 2.7 ounces/yard The yarn count will be 104 x 2 yarns per inch. The bottom layer will be 100% polyester non-porous film with built in hydrophilic molecular zones. Lining will have a minimum following physical properties:
      Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate
      G/m squared/24hr
      Procedure B
      500 minimum
      4000 minimum
      ASTM E 96-93 1/
      ASTM E 96-93 1/
      Hydrostatic Resistance100 MinimumFED-STD-191A 5512
      After 10 Laundry CyclesNo LeakageFED-STD-191A 5516
      After 10 Dy Clean CyclesNo LeakageFED-STD-191A 5516
      Waterproof/Breathable Membrane Must Meet or Exceed the Following:
      PropertyNominal Values
      (US units)
      Nominal Values
      (SI units)
      Finish Fabric Wt.2.67 - 3.5
      (oz./yd squared)
      92 - 120
      (g/m squared)
      Tensile Strength30 Ibf135 N
      Trap Tear8 Ibf36 N
  • C.COLOR:
    Dark navy blue
    • 1.Collar: The collar will be made of two plies of the shell material with an interlining sewn to the top collar for stability and measure 3 ¾ inches high. The collar points will be well shaped and symmetrical. There will be a 7 inch nylon coil zipper opening on the under collar centered approximately 1 inch up from the neckline and 2 ½ inches from the top of the collar edge for the drop in hood. There will be 4 inch triangle covers on both edges of the collar to secure the optional jacket liner collars when inserted into the shell parka.
    • 2.Sleeves: The sleeves will be two-piece, semi-modified dolman construction for complete freedom of movement. There will be a black enameled eyelet located approximately ½ inch up from each cuff to allow for drainage. The shoulder seams will have an inside facing on the sleeve side, 1 ½ inches wide, of WeatherTech® waterproof/breathable material and taped with sealing tape to prevent leakage. The reinforcement patch will be five sided. The under sleeves will feature ventilating pit-zips with #5 Delrin zipper that measure approximately 12 inches long The pit-zips will be covered with a welt of shell material 12 inches long by ½ inch wide.
    • 3.Cuffs: There will be a cuff formed of two pieces of shell material approximately 1 5/8 inches wide at the bottom. Half of the cuff will be heavy-duty elastic stretched and sewn with two threads. There will be a cuff tab adjustment approximately 1 ¼ inches wide tapering to approximately ¾ inch wide by 3 inches long with a female snap. The top half of the cuff will be interlined and will have three male snaps for cuff adjustment.
    • 4.Epaulets: There will be two crossed stitched epaulets that attach to the shoulders of the garment with a snap. The epaulets will measure 7 inches long by 2 inches wide and form a point at the end closest to the neckline (size Large/Regular).
    • 5.Pockets: There will be two zippered pockets, one on each side under the double covered wind fly. Each pocket will measure 9 inches long. There will be two, 2-way front pockets on the outside front of the jacket shell which will be lined with fleece and snap close. Next to each front pocket, closest to the zipper, there will be two Val covered, zippered storage pockets. Each pocket will measure 8 inches long. Inside the jacket there will be two welt covered, zippered storage pockets made of shell fabric on the outside and lining fabric on the inside of each pocket. The pockets will measure 9 ¼ inches long by 6 ½ inches wide (+/- .5 inch).
    • 6.Bottom Band: There will be an elasticized back bottom band with a full front bottom band.
    • 7.Side Vents: There will be two 10 inch side vents with nylon coil zipper closures to allow access to duty weapons and other equipment items on either side, with a snap-tab closure.
    • 8.Hood: There will be a Val and zipper covered three-piece, drop in, waterproof hood. The Val cover will measure 8 ¾ inches long. The hood will be constructed of shell material and lined with a Weather Tech® waterproof/breathable lining that will drop in between the shell and lining at the collar. The hood will be attached to the bottom of the zipper opening on the under collar. The under collar opening will be approximately 1 inch from the neckline and 2 ½ inches from end of the collar and close with a 7 inch nylon coil zipper. All hood lining joining seams will be taped with 1 inch waterproof tape applied by the hot air method to prevent leakage. There will be an elasticized draw cord with double hole, self-contained cord locks for hood adjustment and inserted into each side of the hood.
    • 9.Front: There will be a double storm flap over the front zipper to create a waterproof fly down the front of the jacket extending into the collar. The outside fly will measure 26 ½ inches long by 2 ½ inches wide. It will be set double needle on the left side from the under collar to the jacket bottom. The storm flap will be interlined and lined with lining material to prevent leakage. There will be six hidden 24 ligne brass oxidized male snaps on the inner storm fly. The inner storm fly will measure approximately 2 ½ inches long by approximately 1 ½ inches wide. The inner storm flap will be interlined and set down the front double needle. The front zipper will be a #5, two-way YKK Vislon-type zipper 25 ½ inches long.
    • 10.Back: The back will have a rain shed yoke with a 2 inch turn up design to conceal the "Hidden Agenda" type identification system. The yoke will be fully lined with waterproof/breathable nylon and faced with breathable mesh There will be three YKK Power Hook SS200 Nylon (or equal) hook and loop fastener closures measuring 2 inches by 5/8 inch set equidistant on the yoke facing. There will be a 16-inches-long #3 YKK vislon-type interchangeable zipper set into the yoke to attach the corresponding identification back panel.
    • 11.Removable Liner: The liner will be a full body zip in/zip out liner. The liner will be constructed of 100% micro fleece (non pill). The liner will be designed so that it may be worn alone as a mid-weight fleece jacket.
    • 12.Buttons: Members with rank of lieutenant and above will have four non-functional 36 ligne gold-plated buttons (ring type) placed on front panel centered 5 ½ inches down from top of jacket and 6 inches apart. There will be two 26 ligne gold-plated non functional buttons (ring-type) placed ½ inch from centered bottom of lower pocket flaps.
    • 13.Snap-Up Feature: The bottom sweep of the jacket will contain four male snaps ends that are strategically located around the bottom circumference of the jacket. The liner lining of the jacket, approximately 6 inches up from the bottom sweep, will contain the corresponding female snap-ends. This features allows the wearer to wear the jacket in a snapped-up position, if they so choose, so that the jacket would ride over the top of the duty belt, in an IKE style position.
    • 14.Badge Reinforcement: The reinforcement will be 2 ¼ inches in length and 1 inch in width sewn down. The eyelets will be 1 ¼ inches from the center of one eyelet to the center the other eyelet. The reinforcement will sewn centered on the left front with the bottom of the reinforcement ½ inch above the bottom of the front yoke.
    • 15.Nameplate Reinforcement: The reinforcement will be 2 ¼ inches in length and ½ inch in width when sewn down. The eyelets will be 1 ¾ inches from the center of one eyelet to the center of the other eyelet. The reinforcement will be sewn centered on the right front with the edge of the reinforcement 1 ¾ inches from the bottom edge of the front yoke.
    • 16.Panel Carriers:
      • a.Front: Panel carrier will measure approximately 7.5 inches wide by 4 inches long. The panel carrier shall be constructed of two layers of 160 denier Cordura nylon sewn together with properly finished edges and non-woven inter-lining. The panel carrier will have the slide fastener side of a 7.5-inches-long #3 YKK interchangeable vislon-type zipper (or equal) sewn onto to top seam so that the zipper can be used to zip on the other side of the zipper track on the jacket. The lower back panel corners will have an approximately 1 inch square of Power Hook (or equal), sewn approximately 1/4 inches from the edges. The Power Hook squares will match corresponding Power Hook loop pieces on the yoke lining of the jacket. The front base panels will be sewn to the front panel carriers with a stitch line going all the way around the base panel approximately 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch from the edge of the base panel. The base panel should be positioned as far down the panel carrier as practical.
      • b.Back: Panel carrier shall be constructed like the front carrier panels but will measure approximately 16 inches long by 5 inches wide and using a 16-inches-long #3 YKK interchangeable vislon-type zipper. The back base panel will be sewn to the back panel carrier with a stitch line going all the way around the base panel approximately 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch from the edge of the base panel. The base panel should be positioned as far down the panel carrier as practical.
    • 17.City of Chicago Flag Patch: Polyester/cotton, sewn on right shoulder, centered 1 ¼ inch below outer shoulder seam.
    • 18.CPD Patch: Polyester/cotton, sewn on left shoulder, ¾ inch below outer shoulder seam.
    • 1.Panels: Fabricated from a tough weather and solvent resistant fabric-backed tape that will be sewn onto the panel carriers that zip on and off the jacket.
    • 2.Base Panel: composed of silver cube corner (microprism) retro-reflective elements integrally bonded to a flexible, smooth-surfaced, tough, and water-resistant UV stabilized polymetric film. the prism surfaces are coated with a vacuum deposition of aluminum to provide a mirror surface to the prism facets. A knit fabric backing is provided to facilitate sewing. The base panel will be constructed of a primary base and a color layer. The silver primary base will be constructed of the following layers (from top to bottom):
      • a.Microprism
      • b.Metalization
      • c.PSA
      • d.Knit fabric
      Typical Values for Silver Primary Base
      ObservationEntrance Angle   
      Angle Degrees5203040
      values in cd/lux/m^2    
    • 3.On top of the silver primary base will be the color layer, constructed of the following layers of material (from top to bottom):
      • a.enhanced surface protection
      • b.6mil flourescent yellow-green vinyl
    • 4.The finished base panel will be lime-green and screen processed using a custom shade grey, opaque ultra-violet ink with the Chicago Police Department checkerboard pattern. Each checker will be approximately 5/16 inch by 9/16 inch and will form a pattern around the perimeter of each panel. All inks to screen this image to the panel must provide superior exterior performance for outdoor exposure to rain, snow, UV exposure.
      Finsihed Base Panel Fourescent Yellow-Green Chromatically Coordinates (ANSI/SEA 107-1999
      Typical Values for Flourescent Yellow-Green Finished Base Panel
      ObservationEntrance Angle   
      Angle Degrees5203040
      values in cd/lux/m^2    
    All garments will be permanently labeled with the manufacturer country of origin, size, fiber content, and care instructions. A label indicating that the garment is a Chicago Police Department approved item will be sewn inside the right inside pocket. The label will include the date of manufacture. The label stitching will not be visible on the flap front. No manufacturer or representative may suggest that a garment is an approved Chicago Police Department garment without prior inspection of a completed sample and written authorization of the command staff member of the Research and Development Division, Chicago Police Department.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-020 JJR