Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-01-03
Wool Overcoat
Issue Date:12 December 2018Effective Date:12 December 2018
Rescinds:3.1504 March 1985
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
This specification describes the prescribed wool overcoat obtained as required or as a replacement after the initial issue date of this specification. All wool overcoats will comply fully with the construction specification detailed herein and be manufactured by an approved manufacturer.
    The wool overcoat will be double-breasted, extending to the knee, and have a convertible style roll collar. It will be semi-form fitting and have a fly in the back extending not more than 22", nor less than 19", from the bottom of the garment. The fly will be fastened with two black buttons and buttonholes to correspond. Measurements based on standard size 38 breast.
    Style #13407, Raeford Elastique, 19 oz.
    Style #1116, Heavyweight, Brawny Blue, 19 oz.
    • 1.
      Buttons: overcoats will be buttoned with #45 ligne black ivory buttons, body of overcoat to be buttoned in front with a double row of buttons, three on each side. Top button to be on breast line.
    • 2.Buttonholes: will be 1" from the edge of the coat and piped with cloth of the same material as the coat and be hand-sewn.
    • 3.Collar: will be 4-1/2" wide in the back and 3" wide at junction with lapel.
    • 4.Cutting: to be cut with an allowance of 2" for outlet and 2" turnup at cuff.
    • 5.Edges: will be single stitched, 3/4". All seams plain.
    • 6.Facing: inside facing will be of the same material as the coat, cut in one piece 10" wide at the top and tapering straight to not less than 5" wide at the bottom. Edge of facing to be piped with Venetian pipe.
    • 7.Lapels: will be 5" wide at the peak and horizontal with the junction of collar. Opening between collar and lapel to be 1/2" at outer edge. Each lapel to have the one buttonhole.
    • 8.Linings: overcoat will be lined throughout with black Venetian piping, and interlined to waist with wool cloth. Sleeves will be lined with black Lusterine. Lining will be left open at bottom. Edge of facings to be piped with Venetian pipe.
    • 9.Loops for Stars: will be sewn with heavy linen thread, three loops on left side of coat and placed 2" to left of top button so as to have bottom points of star on line with top button.
    • 10.Pockets: two vertical outside pockets, one on each side, opening 9" when finished, with slits through lining. Pockets will not be any less than 8" deep from lower end to opening. Opening to be in line with waistline buttons. Facing of pockets to be of cloth. Coat will have an inside breast pocket on each side;left pocket to be lined with velveteen pocketing; outside pockets to be lined with .250 drilling.
      Horizontal pockets of same dimensions, permissable.
    • 11.Tab: A 5" tab, 2" wide, provided with two buttonholes and two black ivory buttons, will be placed under the right—hand side of collar and one black ivory button underneath left side of collar for tab. Top and underside will be regulation overcoat cloth.
    • 12.Insignia: A knot will be formed by 1/8" black mohair tubular braid extending to end of cuff. Outside dimensions of knot will be about 1-1/4" long and 6-3/4" wide between outer edges of lower loop.
      • a.Three loops for exempt rank .
      • b.Two loops for rank of captain.
      • c.One loop for rank of lieutenant.
    • 13.Seams: All seams will be plain.
    • 14.Shoulder Straps: will be of the same material as the overcoat, 2-3/4" wide at shoulder seam, tapering down to 1-3/4" and extend under the collar to the edge of the collar.
    • 15.Nameplate Eyelets: two round eyelets, spaced 1-5/8" apart will be placed on the right breast and centered. The eyelets will be on the same horizontal plane with the bottom of the star. The thread for the eyelets will be of the same color and will be colorfast. No reinforcement patch is necessary on this garment.
    • 16.Patches: The prescribed Department wool/felt shoulder patch will be stitched on the outer—left sleeve, centered 3/4" below the shoulder seam. The prescribed Department polyester/cotton Chicago Flag patch will be stitched on the outer—right sleeve, centered 1-1/4" below the right shoulder seam.
    • 17.Thread: will be sewn top and bottom with pure dyed silk.
    The coat will be permanently labeled with the manufacturer, country of origin, and size. The label will state that this garment is approved for use by Chicago Police Department members. The label will include the date of manufacture. No manufacturer or representative may suggest that a garment is an approved Chicago Police Department prescribed garment without prior inspection of a completed sample and written authorization of the Director, Research and Development Division, Chicago Police Department.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline have been added or revised.)
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
T18-090 EDC