Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-04-06
Service Bars and Stars
Issue Date:18 September 2018Effective Date:18 September 2019
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    Embroidered bars and star patches to designate length of service.
    • 1.Background: Warrenton #7016, style #1113
    • 2.Bar: A. Rice , Article #3247, color #97
    • 3.Star: Rayon thread
  • C.COLOR:
    • 1.Dark Blue (Brawny Blue)
    • 2.Gold
    • 1.Stripe: On a background of Warrenton #7016, there will be placed one row of Article #3247-97, 1 ½ inches in length. Ends of stripe are to be inserted into fabric and caught on the underside. ¼ inch of #7016 Warenton will show on all sides. Stripes will be 3/16 inch apart.
    • 2.Star: On background of Warrenton #7016, oval in shape 1 ¼ inches in diameter. In center of background is to be embroidered a gold ¾ inch silk star, 5-pointed, containing not less than 365 stitches including the under layment.
    • 3.Service tenure Indication:
      • a.5 Years: One Stripe.
      • b.10 Years: Two stripes with 3/16 inch between stripes.
      • c.15 Years: Three stripes with 3/16 inch between stripes.
      • d.20 Years: One gold star.
    • 4.Location: Each stripe or star indicating length of service will be placed on the left sleeve bottom and centered. Bottom of stripe or star to be placed exactly 3 inches from the bottom end of the sleeve. When service exceeds twenty-five years, the star is to be placed ½ inch below the bottom stripe and centered.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-020 JJR