Chicago Police DepartmentDepartment Notice D19-05
Body-Worn Camera Pilot Program -- Axon Enhancements
Issue Date:11 March 2020Effective Date:11 March 2020
Rescinds:20 November 2019 Version
Index Category:Department Notice
This directive continues the:
  • A.Axon View Pilot Program; and
  • B.Axon Performance Pilot Program.
II.Axon View Pilot Program
  • A.Axon View is an application that allows members to:
    • 1.access video files temporarily stored on a BWC when paired with an authorized Department-issued cell phone.
    • 2.directly enter event numbers and category types associated with each video file before they are uploaded to
  • B.Axon View does not:
    • video files on a Department-issued cell phone.
    • 2.delete or alter original videos stored on a BWC.
  • C.Equipment
    This pilot program utilizes the following:
    • 1.a body-worn camera system consisting of a camera and controller/battery pack in one;
    •—a web-based storage and retrieval system; and
    • 3.the Axon View application accessed with an authorized Department-issued cell phone.
  • D.Further expansions of the Axon View BWC pilot program will be announced via AMC message.
    Members assigned a BWC will follow policies and procedures consistent with "Body Worn Cameras."
  • E.Training
    The Deputy Chief, Education and Training Division, will ensure that members participating in the pilot program receive appropriate training for BWCs paired with the Axon View application.
  • F.Procedures
    • 1.Members participating in this pilot program will:
      • "pairing mode" on the BWC;
        The pairing process is IP-address specific, and BWCs can only be paired with authorized Department-issued cell phones.
      • b.on the Department-issued cell phone, access the Axon View application, select their BWC by serial number, and log in by using their user names and passwords;
      • c.on the Axon View application, click on "View Live" to ensure proper operation and proper camera angle;
      • d.enter the ten-digit event number and category associated with each video file prior to the end of the tour of duty; and
      • the end of the tour of duty:
        • (1)if appropriate, un-pair Axon View from the BWC; and
        • (2)ensure the BWC is returned to the docking station.
    • 2.Officer-Involved Shootings or Deaths
      • a.Members involved in officer-involved shootings or deaths will NOT view their BWC videos until authorized by the Street Deputy in consultation with the Force Investigation Division.
        Once the scene is secured, the highest-ranking member on the scene will direct a supervisor to take control of all relevant BWCs and ensure the BWCs are turned off.
      • b. Once authorized, each member:
        • (1)may review his or her video prior to completing required reports or being interviewed by the Force Investigation Division investigator.
        • (2)will NOT view the video in the presence of other involved members.
III.Axon Performance
Axon Performance is an application that will provide watch operations lieutenants (WOL) a standardized review process to meet the requirements to view a randomized video selection required in the Department directive titled, "Body Worn Camera." In addition, they can review the activation rate, categorization rate, and ID (Event number) rate of the members of their watch, their watch as a whole, or their entire district.
  • A.The pilot program will affect all lieutenants in the 19th District.
  • B.The above lieutenants will, at least once per tour of duty, log into the Axon View Performance dashboard.
  • C.The WOL will:
    • the randomly provided BWC recording to ensure compliance with policy, assess the need for additional training and tactical improvement, ensure close and effective supervision, and that an OEMC event number and category have been assigned for the recording; and
    • 2.complete a Body Worn Camera Video Review Report (CPD-21.130) for the one randomly selected BWC recording viewed per tour of duty, and forward it to the executive officer.
  • D.Lieutenants will continue to follow the procedures set forth in the Department directive titled, "Body Worn Camera."
  • A.The Axon Enhancement BWC Pilot Program Evaluation Committee will be composed of the following members or their designees:
    • 1.Chief, Office of Operations, who will serve as chairperson;
    • 2.Deputy Chief, Strategic Initiatives Division, who will serve as vice-chairman;
    • 3.Chief, Office of Constitutional Policing and Reform;
    • 4.Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs;
    • 5.General Counsel, to the Superintendent;
    • 6.Deputy Chief, Education and Training Division;
    • 7.Commander, Inspections Division;
    • 8.District commanders of the pilot districts;
    • 9.Director, Research and Development Division; and
    • 10.A police officer from the pilot districts, as designated by the Chief, Office of Operations.
  • B.The Axon Enhancement BWC Pilot Program Evaluation Committee will:
    • 1.throughout the course of the pilot program, meet as needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.
    • the conclusion of the pilot program, prepare a report to the Superintendent providing the results of the evaluation.
V.Conflict Resolution
If this directive conflicts with "Body Worn Cameras" or any other Department directive, this directive will take precedence.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline have been added or revised.)
Charlie Beck
Interim Superintendent of Police
20-029 MJC