Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-01-06
Footwear - Military Oxford/Chukka Boot
Issue Date:26 August 2019Effective Date:26 August 2019
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
I.Footwear - Military Oxford/Chukka Boot
    High-gloss or semi-gloss, plain toe with non-contrasting sole and heel. Solid black in color by the manufacturer, including all portions of the upper, toe, heel, outsole, tongue, laces, eyelets, and stitching. There will be no manufacturer's logo visible.
    Leather or synthetic leather.
  • C.COLOR:
    • 1.Toe: Plain toe, without holes, perforations, seams, or metal toe plate.
    • 2.Eyelets: Minimum three eyelets, black in color, center laced.
    • 3.Laces: Black leather, cloth or synthetic blend.
    • 4.Sole: Black. Plain, ripple, or athletic type. Maximum height 1 inch, no flare.
    • 5.Heel: Black, without metal heel plate or taper. Maximum height 1 ½ inches.
    • 6.Finish: High-gloss or semi-gloss black, patent or polished, capable of retaining a high-gloss finish.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
T15-020 JJR