Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U04-01-02
Alternate/Optional Uniform and Equipment Items
Issue Date:31 August 2018Effective Date:31 August 2018
Rescinds:18 December 2017 Version
Index Category:Uniform and Personal Equipment
This directive:
  • A.describes alternate and optional uniform/equipment items.
  • B.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapter 41.
  • A.The provisions of this order do not apply to the alternate prescribed and auxiliary firearms as outlined in the Department directive entitled "Department Approved Weapons and Ammunition."
  • B.Alternate and optional uniform/equipment items are authorized for field uniform wear, unless also specified for dress uniform wear.
  • C.Winter and summer uniform garments will be worn in a manner consistent with the seasonal and temperature requirements described in the Department directive entitled "Personal Appearance, Uniform / Citizen's Dress and Equipment."
  • D.On duty members, unless otherwise specified, will use only those uniform/equipment items listed in the Department's Uniform and Specifications Manual or this directive.
  • E.Members may only purchase uniform and equipment items that are the most currently approved item at the time or purchase; members may not wear uniform or equipment items that were approved on a date prior to their purchase but subsequently replaced by another item.
  • F.If a uniform or equipment item needs to be replaced for any reason, it will be replaced by the version of that item from the most-current specification at the time of replacement.
III.Uniform/Equipment Items
  • A.Alternate Items
    • 1.Footwear
      • a.Athletic type shoe (field duty use only)
      • b.Chukka boot
      • c.Oxford
      • d.Boots
    • 2.Jacket, Leather (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 3.Trousers, wool (female)
    • 4.Military pin as a tie tack
    • 5.Jacket, winter
      • a.330 denier Cordura nylon either hip or waist length and the Tactel three-season nylon (members hired before 01 January 1993)
      • b.Tactel three-season nylon (members hired after 01 January 1993 and before January 2005)
    • 6.Chicago Police Breast Cancer Awareness Patch (During the month of October only)
  • B.Optional Items
    • 1.Awards
      • a.Medals
      • b.Ribbon Bars
    • 2.Belt keepers (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 3.Bomb Disposal Suit
    • 4.Cap, cloth trooper
      • a.50% antron nylon/50% rayon twill (members wearing rayon twill jackets)
      • b.330 denier Cordura nylon (members wearing Cordura nylon jackets)
      • c.Tactel 3-season nylon (members wearing Tactel jackets, fleece jackets, or leather jackets).
      • d.100% nylon rugged dobby weave (members wearing Tactel jackets, fleece jackets, or leather jackets).
    • 5.Cap, mesh round crown
    • 6.Cap, baseball-type (members hired before 20 December 2013 or between 12 June 2015 and 27 July 2016)
    • 7.Cap, knit
    • 8.Coat, laboratory
    • 9.Coat, smock
    • 10.Coat, specialized shop coat
    • 11.Coveralls, one-piece (Specialized & Utility)
    • 12.Coveralls, specialized one-piece anti-static
    • 13.Coverall, specialized Marine Unit
    • 14.Ear protection, cold weather (black only, plain design, low profile)
    • 15.Footwear
      • a.Boots, combat/jump with toe seam
      • b.Footwear, duty boots
    • 16.Footwear, overshoes (inclement weather only):
      • a.Buckle
      • b.Quarter/Half/Full (Slip on/Zipper)
      • c.Specialized (Firemans Boots)
    • 17.Gloves, black
    • 18.Holsters, other (auxiliary handguns)
    • 19.Insignia - Embroidered star, name patch, unit designator, and back "POLICE" patch for select outer garments (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 20.Jacket—Windbreaker
    • 21.Jacket, Marine Unit
    • 22.Jacket, fleece
    • 23.Keyring loop and strap
    • 24.Leggings, cloth
    • 25.Mourning band (when worn will not obscure star number)
    • 26.Muffler, Black only
    • 27.Pants, insulated bib
    • 28.Purse, female exempt
    • 29.Rain suit, inclement weather authorized for members assigned to motorcycle, PAPV, or foot patrol
    • 30.Rainwear, Marine Unit
    • 31.Suspenders (concealed)
    • 32.Sweater
      • a.Pullover
      • b.Zip-up
    • 33.Traffic safety equipment (excluding Traffic Safety Vest)
    • 34.Trousers, polyester/wool blends (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 35.Trousers, cargo (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 36.Overshirt vest carrier (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 37.Utility uniform, sworn members
    • 38.Utility uniform, Civilian members
    • 39.Turtleneck/Mock Turtleneck/Turtleneck Dickey (members hired before 20 December 2013)
    • 40.Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) consistent with the Uniform Specification Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK).
    • 41.Pins
      • a.Miniature replica of the flag of the United States of America or the City of Chicago pin
      • b.Military pin
      • c.National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Citation Bar or Lapel Pin
      • d.Chicago Police Department Memorial Bar Pin
      • e.Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Pin
      • f.Chicago Police Peer Support Lapel Pin
      • g.Chicago Police Department Pilot Wings

(Items indicated by italics/double underline were revised.)
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
T18-014 EDC