Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U04-01-01
Prescribed Uniform and Equipment Items
Issue Date:15 July 2019Effective Date:15 July 2019
Rescinds:18 December 2017 Version
Index Category:Uniform and Personal Equipment
This directive:
  • A.describes the prescribed uniform/equipment items for Department members.
  • B.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapter 41.
  • A.For the purposes of this directive, the rank of police officer is equivalent to all sworn career service titles below the rank of sergeant.
  • B.All sworn personnel are required to own and maintain the prescribed uniform/equipment items listed in this directive.
  • C.Winter and summer uniform garments will be worn in a manner consistent with the seasonal and temperature requirements described in the Department directive titled "Uniform and Appearance Standards."
  • D.On duty members, unless otherwise specified, will use only those uniform/equipment items listed in the Department's Uniform and Equipment Specifications Manual or this directive.
  • E.Members may only purchase uniform and equipment items that are the most current approved item at the time of purchase; members may not wear uniform or equipment items that were approved on a date prior to their purchase but subsequently replaced by another item.
  • F.If a uniform or equipment item needs to be replaced for any reason, it will be replaced by the version of that item from the most current specification at the time of replacement.
III.Prescribed Uniform/Equipment Items
  • A.Clothing
    • 1.Blouse, 100% wool (dress uniform)
    • 2.Cap, 100% wool
      • a.Round Crown (police officers, sergeants, lieutenants, and captains),
      • b.Exempt Style (sworn exempt members)
    • 3.Cap, cloth round crown
      • a.50% antron nylon/50% rayon twill (members wearing rayon twill jackets)
      • b.330 denier Cordura nylon (members wearing Cordura nylon jackets)
      • c.Tactel 3-season nylon (members wearing Tactel jackets)
    • 4.Cap, baseball-type (members hired or promoted between 20 December 2013 and 12 June 2015 or after 27 July 2016)
    • 5.Coat, 100% wool
      • a.Reefer (dress uniform—police officers; alternate field uniform—sergeants)
      • b.Overcoat (lieutenants and above)
    • 6.Footwear, military oxford
    • 7.Gloves, white
    • 8.Jacket, winter
      • a.50% antron nylon/50% rayon twill (members hired before 01 January 1993)
      • b.330 denier Cordura nylon either hip or waist length (members hired after 01 January 1993 and prior to 01 January 2005)
      • c.330 denier Cordura nylon either hip or waist length or the Tactel three-season nylon (members hired after 01 January 2005 and before 18 December 2017)
      • d.Tactel three-season nylon (members hired after 18 December 2017)
    • 9.Necktie and tie bar
      Effective 20 December 2013, the cross-over style female necktie (U14.0504) will no longer be available for purchase.
    • 10.Overshirt vest carrier—black Cordura (members hired or promoted on or after 20 December 2013)
    • 11.Shirt, long and short-sleeve (police officer—blue, sergeants and above—white)
    • 12.Socks, black
    • 13.Trench coat (sworn exempt members only)
    • 14.Trousers, 100% wool
    • 15.Trousers—75%/25% polyester/wool (members hired or promoted on or after 20 December 2013)
    • 16.Trousers—cargo (members hired or promoted on or after 20 December 2013)
    • 17.Turtleneck-—CPD approved, rank appropriate (members hired or promoted on or after 20 December 2013)
  • B.Uniform Accessories
    • 1.Ammunition pouch and/or magazine case/speedloader
    • 2.Baton holder or expandable baton holder, if trained
    • 3.Belt, trouser
    • 4.Belt, equipment
    • 5.Belt keepers—4 minimum (members hired after 14 February 2012)
    • 6.Handcuff case (when handcuffs are carried)
    • 7.Holster
    • 8.Insignia—cap shield, star, field training officer patch insignia (field training officers only), chevrons (sergeants only), appropriate rank insignia (lieutenants and above)
    • 9.Nameplate
    • 10.Patches, CPD and City Flag shoulder patches
    • 11.Personal aerosol OC chemical device holder
    • 12.Portable radio transceiver attachment
    • 13.Raincoat/cap cover
    • 14.Service bar/star
    • 15.Unit assignment designator
    • 16.Traffic Safety Vest
  • C.Equipment
    • 1.Ammunition, Department issued/approved
    • 2.Ball point pen (black or dark blue ink)
    • 3.Baton, Department approved or expandable baton, if trained
    • 4.Body Armor, Department-issued/authorized
    • 5.Handcuffs (members hired after 1 December 1991)
    • 6.Helmet, Department approved
    • 7.Firearm
      • a.The prescribed firearm for all sworn members hired on or before 01 December 1991 is a Department-approved revolver or semiautomatic pistol. Department members hired on or before 01 December 1991 electing to carry an approved semiautomatic pistol as their prescribed firearm must first successfully complete a firearm transition process.
      • b.The prescribed firearm for all sworn members hired after 01 December 1991 is a Department-approved semiautomatic pistol.
    • 8.Prescribed flashlight
    • 9.Personal aerosol OC chemical device
  • D.Miscellaneous
    • 1.Baton tassel (dress uniform-—sergeants and above)
    • 2.Department Photo Identification Card, Driver's License, and Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) card
    • 3.Watch or other timekeeping device
    • 4.Whistle
(Items indicated by italic/double underline were added or revised)
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
T19-064 JJR