Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-02-01
Belt and Duty Equipment - Nylon
Issue Date:29 August 2019Effective Date:29 August 2019
Rescinds:09 January 2019 version
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
I.Belt and Duty Equipment—Nylon
    Woven nylon polymer compressed to ¼ inch thickness forming a semirigid and durable material. Single-line black stitching will run the entire circumference of the belt edge. The belt will not exceed 2½ inches in width. Exterior will be black in color and free of ornamentation, decorative stitching, carving, tooling, and logos. Plain black plastic rectangular buckle will fasten the belt. The buckle will secure via a pair of heavy-duty plastic interlocking devices located at the top and bottom of the buckle and have a center locking device. The belt will be adjustable to accommodate several sizes and adjusted belt will be properly secured and free from view.
    The below-listed approved woven nylon equipment accessories will be black in color and the studs or snaps will be black in color:
    • 1.belt keepers,
    • 2.personal aerosol OC chemical device holder,
    • 3.flashlight holder,
    • 4.duty handcuff case (open or closed top),
    • 5.baton holder,
    • 6.magazine case or cases (open or closed top), and
    • 7.key ring holder.
    • 1.Duty holsters and Taser holsters will not have a ballistic nylon finish.
    • 2.Duty holsters and Taser holsters will meet the appropriate specification for each item.
    • 1.The ballistic nylon duty gear will only be worn in conjunction with the MOLLE overshirt carrier.
    • 2.Ballistic nylon duty gear will only be worn in conjunction with approved cargo trousers.
    • 3.The equipment belt must be worn in conjunction with an approved trouser belt or velcro inner belt.
    • 4.All accessories must meet the appropriate uniform specification for the item.
    • 5.When worn, the buckle must be centered in front of the trouser.
    • 6.The use of Velcro closure devices on equipment accessories is prohibited.
    • 7.This equipment belt may be lined with any material of the member’s choice.
    • 8.The equipment belt, trouser belt, and accessories will be from an approved manufacturer.
    The approved status granted to the below manufacturers has been authorized as a result of the manufacturer's compliance with this uniform specification set forth by the Chicago Police Department and field testing done by its membership. No manufacturer or representative may suggest that a uniform garment or personal equipment is an approved Chicago Police Department item without prior inspection of a completed sample and written authorization of the Director, Research and Development Division, Chicago Police Department.
    SafarilandBianchi "AccuMold"
    (snap closure)
    05 October 2010
    Michaels of Oregon Inc.Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement
    (snap closure)
    05 October 2010
    Hero's PrideBallistic Duty Gear13 December 2011
    5.11 TacticalSierra Bravo Duty Belt #5950509 January 2019
    5.11 TacticalBelt Keepers
    (hook and loop and prym snaps)
    09 January 2019
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
T15-020 JJR