Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G09-01
Computerized Information Systems
Issue Date:10 September 1998Effective Date:11 September 1998
Index Category:Information Management
This directive:
  • A.sets forth Department policy regarding computerized information systems.
  • B.describes the process to request and install computer hardware and software; procedures when systems are damaged, lost or stolen; and provides disposal guidelines.
  • C.establishes training roles, responsibilities and procedures.
  • D.defines the responsibilities of members accessing, entering and sharing computerized data.
  • E.identifies standards for security procedures.
Department members will refer to the Special Order titled "Computerized Information Systems" for additional procedures.
  • A.The Chicago Police Department is committed to meeting the information needs of all Department members by developing and providing access to computerized information systems. This policy is based upon the recognition that timely and accurate information is essential for setting priorities, managing resources, solving problems effectively, delivering police services, and evaluating the Department's impact on crime and disorder problems in our neighborhoods.
  • B.All authorized data, information or software contained in any Department computerized information system is considered the property of the Chicago Police Department. The Department will provide members with access to these systems and share information with non-Department members in compliance with Department policies, First Amendment considerations and applicable laws.
  • C.Any information obtained through any computerized information system may contain confidential data/information. Members who access information through a Departmental computerized information system will be held responsible should such information be used in violation of the law and/or Departmental rules and regulations. Members will also ensure the proper disposal of such information as prescribed by Department directives.
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
1.G09-01-01 - Access to Computerized Data, Dissemination and Retention of Computer Data
2.G09-01-02 - Computer Systems Security
3.G09-01-03 - Use of the Internet
4.G09-01-04 - Electronic Signatures
5.G09-01-05 - Department-Issued Electronic Communication Devices
6.G09-01-06 - Use of Social Media Outlets