Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G06-03
Felony Review by Cook County State's Attorney
Issue Date:27 April 2012Effective Date:27 April 2012
Rescinds:30 March 1999 version; G99-03
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive:
  • A.continues the procedure of consulting with and requesting approval from specially assigned Cook County State’s Attorneys prior to placing felony charges in non-narcotic cases, or when seeking felony arrest or search warrants.
  • B.establishes the requirement that an Assistant State’s Attorney of Cook County be consulted and give approval before a juvenile is charged with homicide or any underlying charges arising from the same occurrence.
Department member will refer to the Special Order titled "Felony Review by Cook County State's Attorney" for procedures and responsibilities related to felony review.
The Department is committed to conducting thorough, comprehensive criminal investigations. One of the components of a comprehensive investigation is the review by the State’s Attorney’s office prior to formal charging of felony arrests of adults (excluding narcotics and syndicated gambling cases), and of juvenile arrests for homicide.
III.Mandatory Notifications
The station supervisor is responsible for ensuring that an assistant state’s attorney is promptly notified in the following instances:
  • A.within six (6) hours of arrest, when an arrested person is to be charged with a felony, except felony narcotic cases and syndicated gambling cases when the arrests are made by members of the Bureau of Organized Crime.
  • B.when a juvenile is in custody for a homicide offense.
  • C.when an arrest involves statutory upgrades of misdemeanor charges based upon an arrestee’s prior convictions.
  • D.when any person is shot by a member of the Department.
  • E.when a person is seriously injured by a member of the Department in the course of duty performance.
    “Serious injury”, for the purpose of this directive, is defined as injury which causes the injured party to be admitted to a hospital. This definition does not include emergency room first aid or hospitalization resulting from a motor vehicle crash.
(Items indicated by italics/underline were revised.)
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-022 PMD