Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-02
News Media Guidelines
Issue Date:01 October 2004Effective Date:02 October 2004
Index Category:Information Management
This directive establishes procedures for Department members who are invited to participate in television, radio, or print interviews. Department members will refer to the General Order titled "News Media Guidelines" for policy and procedure concerning the release of information to the news media.
II.Procedures for Participating in Media Interviews
  • A.Department member can participate in media interviews subject to the following provisions:
    • 1.If acting as an official representative of the Department to discuss Department policy or other information available to the general public, the member must:
      • a.have approval of the command staff member of the Office of News Affairs before participating in a media interview;
      • identified as an official representative or spokesperson of the Department; and
      • c.appear in uniform if a sworn member or professional conservative attire if a civilian member, e.g, suit and tie, business dress, etc.
        Unless excused by the command staff member of the Office of News Affairs and their respective supervisors, sworn members not wearing their uniforms must follow the civilian member dress code.
    • 2.If acting as a nonrepresentative of the Department to express personal opinions, the member must:
      • a.participate during nonduty hours;
      • b.not conduct the interview at a police facility;
      • c.preface any comments with a clear prelude that the statement about to be made is a personal viewpoint and is not representative of the Departments position; and
      • d.not appear in uniform or wear any Department insignia or item.
  • B.Media interviews will consist of the following types:
    • 1.Print Interviews: the term "print" includes all newspaper, magazine, internet news services, discussion groups, similar forums, etc.
    • 2.Television Interviews: the term television includes the industry of broadcasting all programs via local network, cable, or satellite, etc.
    • 3.Radio Interviews: the term radio includes panel discussions, documentaries, workshops, audience participation programs, etc.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
03-100 MAT/KK(PMD)
1.S09-02-01 - News Media Credentials