Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-02-01
News Media Credentials
Issue Date:02 October 2003Effective Date:03 October 2003
Index Category:Information Management
This directive informs Department members of the conditions for the issuance or denial of news media credentials issued by the Office of News Affairs. Department members will refer to the General Order titled "News Media Credentials" for the use and revocation of news media credentials
II.News Media Credentialing Process
  • A.On an annual basis, the Office of News Affairs will send out application forms to news media outlets within the Chicago market.
    The news media outlets may photocopy the application forms and distribute them to individual applicants.
  • B.In accordance with City of Chicago ordinance, persons employed as full-time reporters, producers, camera operators, photographers, or engineers are the only acceptable applicants.
    Freelance personnel are eligible for media credentials when a media outlet within the Chicago market extends a letter of authorization.
  • C.Applications must be signed by one of the following:
    • 1.Editor, city or managing editor of a newspaper.
    • 2.Bureau chief of a wire service or news photo service.
    • 3.News director or station manager of a radio or television station.
      The person signing the application is responsible for all credentials issued to their employees and is responsible for returning the credentials of terminated employees to the command staff member of the Office of News Affairs.
  • D.After the application has been completed and properly signed the applicant is to contact the Office of News Affairs on the bell between the hours of 0800 hours and 1600 hours, Monday through Friday, to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting and photographing that will be taken at a location determined by the Office of News Affairs.
    Applicants will submit the properly signed and completed News Media Application form before fingerprinting and photographing. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • E.Falsification of information on any application for Media credentials will result in the revocation of credentials and possible prosecution under the ordinance.
  • F.The applicants credentials, unless denied consistent with General Order "News Media Credentials", can be picked up within two working days after the screening process is complete or as otherwise indicated by the command staff member of the Office of News Affairs.
  • G.Applicants fingerprints will:
    • 1.if ink-printed hard cards were used, be returned to the applicant upon the issuance of the credentials.
    • 2.if digitally recorded, be purged upon the issuance of the credentials.
III.Denial of News Media Credentials
  • A.News media credentials will not be issued if the applicant has:
    • active criminal warrant
      The applicant may reapply for news media credentials after satisfying the warrant.
    • 2.previously had his or her media credential revoked and that revocation has not been rescinded by the Superintendent of Police.
  • B.The Office of News Affairs will notify an applicant that is denied credentials for any of the reasons as delineated in Item III-A.
Philip J. Cline
Acting Superintendent of Police
03-090 WAL(PMD)