Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S10-02-01
Criminal Street Gang Arrest Information
Issue Date:17 June 2015Effective Date:17 June 2015
Rescinds:25 August 2004 Version
Index Category:Gang and Narcotic Abatement
This directive establishes responsibilities and procedures for the entry of Gang Arrest Cards into the CLEAR System.
II.Procedures on Completing a Gang Arrest Card
  • A.All sworn members and lockup keepers are authorized to create an Automated Gang Arrest Card and access the Automated Gang Arrest Card application that runs a query on the Gang Listing Report , the Gang Profile identity, or the Gang Membership .
  • B.All gang arrest cards will be entered into the I-CLEAR Automated Gang Arrest Card application.
  • C.A sworn member who arrests a person for any offense whose membership in a criminal street gang is substantiated or self-admitted will create an automated Gang Arrest Card.
    • 1.The Gang Arrest Card can be created directly through the Automated Arrest application by completing the appropriate information on the "Offender Information" page.
    • 2.If using the Gang Arrest Card application to create an automated Gang Arrest Card, an arrest report must be completed and approved and a Central Booking (CB) number obtained for the arrestee, prior to the completion of the card. Once a CB number is obtained, the arresting or assisting officers or the lockup keeper will create the electronic Gang Arrest Card, enter the necessary information, and save the record.
      Arresting or assisting officers can create and enter information into the Gang Arrest Card database at any time after the arrest and a Central Booking (CB) number has been obtained for the arrestee.
  • D.Members may obtain additional information on procedures to enter information into the Gang Arrest Card application by reviewing the "Gang Arrest Card User Guide" available on the Department's Intranet.
III.Responsibilities for Data
The Commander, Information Services Division, will ensure that records on each gang member are maintained and returned as required by law.
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Authenticated by: KC
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
15-078 MWK
1. -
A query page used to generate a report of all gang arrest cards citywide entered on an Investigatory Stop Report or a Gang Arrest Card application.
2. -
A query page which describes the characteristics of a gang or gang faction and enables members to view a profile summary about a gang.
3. -
A query page of gang membership including the members' arrest histories and affiliations with other offenders they have been arrested with.