Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-29
Police Cadet Program
Issue Date:21 February 2019Effective Date:21 February 2019
Rescinds:21 April 2005 version
Index Category:Career Development
This directive:
  • A.outlines the Cadet Program.
  • B.delineates the responsibilities of:
    • 1.cadets and the Cadet Coordinator.
    • 2.unit commanding officers and supervisors.
  • C.continues the use of the Personnel Change Notice (CPD-11.611).
II.Police Cadet Program
  • A.Cadets are part-time employees of the Chicago Police Department that perform the following duties:
    • 1.Clerical duties such as maintaining files and records, processing forms, gathering and organizing documents, and typing and photocopying documents;
    • 2.Answering telephones, responding to general inquiries regarding Department programs, and routing specific calls to appropriate personnel;
    • 3.Compiling data for use in various productivity and manning reports;
    • 4.Creating spreadsheets and maintaining databases to track data;
    • 5.Searching computer and manual records to verify or obtain requested data; and
    • 6.Attending community policing meetings and outreach events to distribute informational flyers and provide information to youth on the Police Cadet Program.
  • B.The program is designed to:
    • 1.attract candidates for future employment with the Chicago Police Department.
    • 2.make effective use of cadets’ services in a supplementary police capacity.
    • 3.encourage interest and enthusiasm for a career in law enforcement.
  • C.The Cadet Program allows currently enrolled college students between the ages of 18 and 21 the opportunity to affiliate themselves with the Chicago Police Department on a part-time basis prior to reaching the eligible age of 21 years old for appointment as a police officer.
  • D.Upon meeting the qualifications to apply for the police examination, cadets must take the written examination and participate in all stages of the hiring process to remain in the program.
  • E.Cadets may remain in the program until they have reached the age of 23.
  • F.Cadets may resign anytime from the program without penalty, if the cadet is leaving the program in good standing.
  • G.Cadets are required to improve their competency through:
    • 1.enrollment in college courses in pursuit of a degree.
    • 2.participating in basic law enforcement and physical fitness training while in the program at the police academy (once per month) with the Cadet Coordinator and other Department members.
    • 3.assisting at Department-sponsored community events and programs such as graduation ceremonies and public forums, when feasible.
III.Cadet Coordinator
The Cadet Coordinator, under the command of the Director, Human Resources Division, will oversee the Cadet Program by:
  • A.supervising, recruiting, screening, training, and processing applicants.
    Upon hiring, cadets must complete mandatory Department orientation and training, including the four-hour Operation Kids—Law Enforcement Child Passenger Safety Course Training Program developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • B.periodically visiting units to which cadets are assigned or detailed to review the performance of their duties and maintain contact with unit commanding officers and supervisors of cadets.
  • C.ensuring that cadets are utilized and trained in conjunction with the Rules and Regulations of the Chicago Police Department.
  • D.counseling cadets on their work performance, educational pursuits, career plans, and personal problems, as appropriate. When necessary, the Cadet Coordinator will take steps to rectify troubling situations.
  • E.assisting supervisors in the investigation of complaints against a cadet.
  • F.supervising the mandatory rotation of cadets with consideration given to the geographic location of the cadet’s home, school, and unit of assignment.
    Any request for deviation from this rotation policy will be submitted in writing to the Director, Human Resources Division, by the cadet and will be reviewed by the Cadet Coordinator.
  • G.maintaining copies of academic records, reviewing final-term grades, and supervising probationary periods for those cadets not maintaining academic standards established by the Department.
  • H.identifying additional training and specialized-unit visitations for the content of cadet training courses.
  • I.coordinating the selection of annual vacations in conjunction with Department regulations governing civilian vacations.
  • J.coordinating the use of police cadets during police-sponsored community events and programs.
  • K.conducting exit interviews with cadets requesting separation from the Department.
IV.Cadet Functions and Responsibilities
  • A.Cadets will:
    • 1.obey all laws and execute all lawful orders.
    • bound by the policies, rules, regulations, procedures, and directives of the Department.
    • 3.perform their assigned duties promptly and efficiently.
    • on duty during the hours prescribed by their unit commanding officers.
    • for duty at the time and place specified.
    • 6.notify a unit supervisor at least one hour prior to their scheduled reporting time if unable to report for duty.
    • 7.immediately notify the Cadet Coordinator by telephone if their detail or assignment changes.
    • 8.ensure the proper care and custody of Department equipment.
    • 9.return all Department-issued equipment upon leaving the Cadet Program.
  • B.Cadets must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and maintain an academic schedule that equals 20 semester or 30 quarter hours per year while maintaining a minimum of a 2.0/4.0 or 3.0/5.0 grade point average to continue employment. All tuition, books, and fees will be paid by the cadet. Classes will be attended on the cadet’s own time. All cadets will:
    • 1.submit a Personnel Change Notice (CPD 11.611) to the Cadet Coordinator through their unit commanding officers by the 5th day of each period.
    • 2.indicate in the “Remarks Section”:
      • a.hours of assignment
      • group assigned
      • attended
      • d.course titles
      • e.a class schedule for the current term.
    • 3.submit an official class schedule to the Cadet Coordinator within one week of the start of each school term.
    • 4.submit official grade reports to the Cadet Coordinator within forty-five days of the end of each school semester term.
  • C.A cadet’s tour of duty will be arranged so as not to conflict with school schedules and will conform as nearly as possible to watch hours. Cadets may be utilized on any watch.
  • D.Cadets should attend roll call for inspection and receive the benefit of roll call training.
  • E.The duties of a cadet will be specified by the unit commanding officer of the unit of assignment or detail and will be in compliance with the provisions listed within this directive.
    • 1.Cadets WILL NOT be assigned:
      • a.within detention facilities
      • complete field case reports
      • drive any marked Department vehicles
      • handle bond money
      • service Department vehicles or to perform any building maintenance tasks
      • inventory property
      • handle property determined to be evidence.
    • 2.Cadets will be permitted to engage in secondary employment if they:
      • a.have attained the sixty-credit-hour requirement; or
      • b.three years military active duty status; or
      • c.thirty credit hours and one year military active-duty status; or
      • d.are on the waiting list for appointment as a probationary police officer; or
      • e.obtain approval from the Director, Human Resources Division.
  • A.Supervisors overseeing cadets will instruct them in Department procedures and will ensure that they conform to the standards of conduct and performance established by the Rules and Regulations of the Chicago Police Department.
  • B.Unit commanding officers will notify the Cadet Coordinator of any disciplinary problem involving cadets.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were added or revised.)
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
18-032 CM