Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-03-03
Centralized Subpoena Entry Program
Issue Date:28 December 2012Effective Date:28 December 2012
Rescinds:30 June 2004 Version; A04-06
Index Category:Information Management
This directive outlines the responsibilities of Department members participating in the Automated Court Notification Program (ACNP).
II.General Information
  • A.The ACNP will provide:
    • 1.a computerized system to transmit and track court notifications;
    • 2.historical records for assigned officers’ court notifications; and
    • 3.daily reports by watch, individual officer, and unit for a specified date range.
  • B.Unit commanding officers will designate personnel under their command to be trained in the use of the ACNP software.
  • C.This program will electronically inform Department members of upcoming court dates with sufficient advance notice and provide Department supervisors with important managerial information concerning court appearances by Department members.
  • A.The Records Division will:
    • 1.continue to receive all subpoenas delivered to the Department.
    • 2.forward all subpoenas requiring appearances by Department members to the Court Section for entry into the ACNP, except those subpoenas that have checks attached.
  • B.The Commanding Officer, Court Section, will:
    • 1.designate members to enter all subpoenas received, except those for Juvenile Court and Traffic Court, into the ACNP.
    • 2.retain all other subpoenas in accordance with the current Forms Retention Schedule (CPD-11.717) for the Court Notification Book.
      Subpoenas for criminal cases outside Cook County will be forwarded to and entered by the affected member’s unit of assignment.
  • C.The Commanding Officer, Juvenile Court Liaison Section, will:
    • 1.ensure that all court notifications, including subpoenas, requiring officers to appear in Juvenile Court will be entered into the ACNP by Juvenile Court Section personnel.
    • 2.record the record number on the subpoena.
    • 3.return the subpoena to the issuing States Attorney’s office.
  • D.The Commanding Officer, Traffic Court Unit, will ensure that all court notifications requiring officers to appear in Traffic Court are entered into the ACNP.
  • E.Unit Responsibilities
    • 1.Unit commanding officers will:
      • a.designate members under their command to maintain the ACNP.
        Whenever the member designated to maintain the ACNP no longer performs this task, the unit commanding officer will ensure that the member is removed from the list of those eligible to access the ACNP.
      • b.ensure that the station supervisor or other supervisory personnel, assigned to each watch, implement the procedures described in this directive.
    • 2.The station supervisor or other supervisory personnel will ensure that:
      • a.each watch receives a Daily Court Notification Report (CPD-21.607C).
      • b.members are notified of scheduled court dates.
        Supervisory personnel making a notification will sign, date, and enter their star numbers on the Daily Court Notification Report to indicate that the notification has been made.
      • c.when a member is excused from appearing in court for any reason:
        • (1)the appropriate court sergeant / officer is notified of the member’s inability to appear.
        • (2)the assistant corporation counsel handling a civil matter is notified immediately of a member’s inability to appear at a court or arbitration hearing.
        • (3)the phrase “entered in court absence book” is recorded in the remarks section of the Daily Court Notification Report.
      • d.when a member is excused from appearing in court, the supervisor receiving the absence notification will ensure that the second arresting officer, if any, is notified. The notification will be recorded in the ACNP and the Notification of Court Absence book (CPD-11-560).
      • e.return the Daily Court Notification Report to the member designated to maintain the ACNP each day.
    • 3.The member designated to maintain the ACNP will:
      • a.print a Daily Court Notification Report each day.
      • b.forward the Daily Court Notification Report to the respective watches.
      • c.forward any subpoenas received to the affected member.
      • d.enter all notifications received directly at the unit and have not been processed by the Court Section, Juvenile Court, or Traffic Court into the ACNP.
      • e.print the Court Notification By Unit / Court Date Range Report as needed and post the report in a prominent place.
        The Court Notification By Unit / Court Date Range Report (CPD-21.608C) is accurate on the date and time it is printed. Notifications received after the report has been printed will not appear on the printout.
      • f.ensure that all Court Notification Records entered into the ACNP for members who have been transferred or are being detailed to other Department units are electronically transmitted to the member’s new unit on the Wednesday prior to the period change day.
        If a member is detailed to another unit in the middle of a police period, the member’s court notifications will be forwarded electronically or printed and forwarded via Department mail without unnecessary delay.
      • g.establish telephone contact with the new unit’s administrative office to ensure that they have received court notification data for the member if the court notification is for an appearance in less than eight days.
        Court notifications cannot be deleted from the automated program. The system default is an “N.” Whenever a member is notified of a scheduled court appearance, the “N” is changed to a “Y.” When it becomes necessary to administratively close a court notification, an “X” is entered into the program.
      • h.receive the Daily Court Notification Report from each watch on a daily basis to update the ACNP.
        When the Daily Court Notification Report is marked “entered in court absence book,” the automated report is updated to reflect this transaction by placing an “X” in the “Notification Made” field on the update screen, and the officer’s name will not appear on the daily printout again. A new notification will be created for the appearing partner.
    • 4.Any Department member receiving a subpoena or notification will:
      • a.obtain the record number from the Daily Court Notification Report.
      • b.forward a copy of the subpoena to the unit commanding officer if the notification did not appear on the Daily Court Notification Report.
      • c.if notified to appear in court and there is not sufficient time to obtain a record number:
        • (1)notify the station supervisor/designated unit supervisor of the notification and the record number will be subsequently generated by the person designated to maintain the ACNP.
        • (2)use the same record number if the notification is the result of a continued case (e.g., Friday court case continued to Monday).
      • d.if a subpoena or court notification results in an overtime status, enter the record number in the “Explain Assignment” field of the Overtime / Compensatory Time Report (CPD-11.608).
        Failure to obtain a record number and prior approval to work overtime as outlined in the directive entitled “Payroll and Timekeeping” may result in the denial of overtime.
      • e.follow the procedures outlined in the directive entitled “Court Attendance and Responsibilities.”
    • 5.The unit secretary will ensure that personnel assigned / detailed to the unit are entered into the “Watch Personnel” program.
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Authenticated by: JKH
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
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