Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E02-04
Furlough and Vacation
Issue Date:12 December 2019Effective Date:12 December 2019
Rescinds:27 November 2018 Version
Index Category:Payroll and Timekeeping
This directive outlines the procedures for:
  • A.allotting furlough and vacation days to sworn and civilian Department members.
  • B.conducting the annual furlough selection.
  • C.assigning the compensatory-time furlough.
  • D.scheduling vacations for civilian personnel.
The granting of requests for furloughs within districts or units will be the responsibility of the district or unit commanding officer, consistent with the operational needs of the unit and the applicable provisions of existing collective bargaining agreements.
III.General Information
  • A.The annual furlough selection process will begin upon the issuance of the Department directive regarding the annual watch, furlough selections and vacation schedules, published prior to the selection process.
  • B.All vacations and furloughs must be used within the police calendar year established in the Operations Calendar (CPD-11.143).
    • 1.A member who was prevented from using his or her assigned furlough time during the calendar year because of reasons beyond his or her control will prepare a To-From-Subject report at least thirty days prior to the end of the calendar year requesting permission to carry the unused furlough into the next calendar year.
      • a.The report will identify the reasons that the member was unable to use his or her furlough at the designated time.
      • b.The district or unit commanding officer will ensure that the report is forwarded through channels to the Superintendent.
    • 2.If the request is approved by the Superintendent, the member will also prepare a City of Chicago Department of Human Resources Vacation Carryover Request (PER 93) form.
      These forms are also available from the office of the Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development.
    • 3.The completed Request for Vacation Carryover form and the original of the approved To-From-Subject report will be forwarded to the office of the Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development, for submission to City Hall, Department of Human Resources.
    • 4.A copy will be retained by the unit timekeeper and a copy will be placed in the member's unit personnel jacket.
  • C.Trading of either annual or compensatory-time furloughs is not permitted.
  • D.Furloughs for exempt members will be selected and granted with the approval of the individual's bureau chief.
IV.Furlough Assignments - All Members
  • A.A list of furlough selections granted will be posted in the unit.
  • B.District or unit commanding officers will forward a report listing the names of all members and their furlough / vacation selections to their bureau chief by the schedule provided in the annual Department directive regarding watch, furlough selections, and vacation schedules, published prior to the annual furlough selection process.
    Unless advised to the contrary, this report will be considered approved.
  • C.Upon completion of the selection process, furlough schedules may be adjusted to accommodate seasonal operations, significant revisions in organization, the number of personnel in particular ranks, work assignments, or watch assignments.
  • D.District or unit commanding officers of exempt rank will ensure that all watches are adequately staffed to meet Department needs.
V.Unit Seniority Listing
  • A.The continuous service date for sworn nonsupervisory members and civilians, as indicated on the Unit Seniority Listing available to all units, will be used in determining the number of allotted furlough and vacation days of each member for furlough selection.
    The number of allotted furlough days is determined by the appropriate collective bargaining agreement and the addenda to this directive.
  • B.The seniority date for captains, lieutenants, sergeants, sworn nonsupervisory members and civilians, as indicated on the Unit Seniority Listing available to all units, will be used in determining the seniority number of each member for furlough selection.
  • C.Sworn non-exempt supervisors will select furloughs on the basis of seniority in rank.
    • 1.Captains, senior executive service captains, lieutenants, and sergeants with the same seniority in their respective rank will use the continuous service date as the tie-breaker.
    • 2.If a tie still exists, the oldest member, as indicated by the date of birth on the Unit Seniority Listing, will receive the higher seniority status.
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Charlie Beck
Interim Superintendent of Police
19-132 PMD
1.E02-04-01 - Furlough Selection and Scheduling for Sworn Members
2.E02-04-02 - Vacation Selection and Scheduling for Civilian Members and Exempt Members