Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-21-03
United States Secret Service
Issue Date:21 June 2002Effective Date:22 June 2002
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive continues the Department procedures for notifying the United States Secret Service of cases which involve the receipt of information or the arrest of persons for offenses under its jurisdiction.
II.General Information
Each of the following offenses is under the jurisdiction of the United States Secret Service:
  • A.Threats to the President of the United States, President-elect, Vice President of the United States, Vice President-elect, or other officer next in the order of succession to the Office of the President. These procedures also apply to Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, former Presidents, their spouses, and visiting heads of foreign states.
  • B.Counterfeit or raised (altered) currency.
  • C.Stolen or forged Treasury Department checks or United States Savings Bonds.
  • D.Altered or counterfeit credit cards or bank access cards and devices.
  • E.The intentional and unauthorized access to a computer in order to obtain or alter information relating to:
    • 1.the United States Government;
    • 2.any institution engaging in financial transactions.
  • A.A Department member making an arrest for, or receiving information relating to, any of the offenses listed in Item II of this directive will promptly notify the United States Secret Service by telephone, in addition to completing the appropriate Department reports.
  • B.If the need arises to conduct an investigation directed toward First Amendment conduct, members will conduct the investigation in accordance with the provisions of the Department directive entitled "The First Amendment and Police Actions."
IV.Inventory Procedures
  • A.Evidence will be inventoried in accordance with the Department directive entitled "Inventory Systems for Property Taken Into Custody" when the evidence relates to counterfeit, stolen, forged, or altered Treasury Department checks, United States Savings Bonds, or documents containing threats against any of the individuals identified in Item II-A of this directive. The owner of the property will be recorded on the Property Inventory form (CPD-34.523) as the "United States Secret Service."
  • B.If local charges are not placed against the arrestee, the inventorying officer will:
    • 1.ensure that the United States Secret Service is notified of the inventory; and
    • 2.check the box "Property Owner Notified" on the Property Inventory.
  • C.If local charges are placed against the arrestee, the inventorying officer will check and complete "hold for investigation and/or evidence" on the Property Inventory. Immediately after court prosecution on local charges has been completed, the officer who inventoried the evidence will prepare and submit the necessary forms prescribed by Department directives to authorize that the evidence may be turned over to the United States Secret Service.
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
00-064 WAL(PMD)