Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U02-01
Department Vehicles
Issue Date:01 May 1997Effective Date:27 May 1997
Index Category:Department Vehicles
This directive:
  • A.continues the procedures governing the use of Department vehicles.
  • B.assigns responsibilities for the operation and maintenance of Department vehicles and related equipment.
II.General Information
  • A.To ensure the safety of vehicle operators and the effective delivery of police service, it is imperative that all vehicles in the Department's fleet are maintained in good working condition. Unit commanding officers may rotate downed vehicles periodically in order to equalize the usage of vehicles in the unit.
  • B.The Department's preventive maintenance program is designed to maximize the useful life of Department vehicles and to reduce the need for frequent repairs. Members will maintain the cleanliness of their vehicles and operate vehicles responsibly.
  • C.Addenda to this directive cover the following topics: Vehicle Assignment, Allocation, and Operation; Vehicle Equipment Inspection; Emergency Equipment; Vehicle Consumables; Vehicle Service; Operation of Department Vehicles - Use of Safety Belts; and Extended-Hours Vehicle Use.
  • D.A list of Department fueling locations may be found in the Department directive entitled Department Fueling Locations; a map of Department fueling locations may be found in that directive.
III.Modifying, Installing, or Affixing Equipment
  • A.To ensure passenger safety, maximum performance, and compliance with manufacturers warranties, the following actions require the written authorization of the command staff member of the General Support Division:
    • 1.Modifying or removing any existing equipment installed in or upon Department vehicles.
    • 2.Installing or permanently affixing any aftermarket equipment or accessories in or upon Department vehicles.
      All requests will be in writing and initiated by a command staff member, in the form of a To-From-Subject report, and forwarded through the chain of command.
  • B.Upon receipt of written authorization, the unit commanding officer will contact the command staff member of the General Support Division to conduct or supervise the approved modification, removal, or installation.
Matt L. Rodriguez
Superintendent of Police
95-086 AV(HEH)
Department of Fleet and Facilities Management (2FM) (Control Board - Police Motor Maintenance)
PAX: 1235 Bell: 312-747-8371 FAX: 312-742-1368
1.U02-01-01 - Vehicle Assignment, Allocation and Operation
2.U02-01-02 - Vehicle / Equipment Inspection
3.U02-01-03 - Emergency Equipment
4.U02-01-04 - Vehicle Consumables
5.U02-01-05 - Vehicle Service
6.U02-01-06 - Operation of Department Vehicles – Use of Seat Safety Rules
7.U02-01-07 - Extended-Hours Vehicle Use
8.U02-01-08 - Vehicles Equipped with Protective Dividers
9.U02-01-09 - Department of Fleet Management Fueling Locations
10.U02-01-10 - Authorized Department Car Wash Facilities
11.U02-01-11 - Taxation of Employer-Provided Vehicles