Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U02-01-02
Vehicle / Equipment Inspection
Issue Date:01 May 1997Effective Date:27 May 1997
Index Category:Department Vehicles
This directive outlines the Department's vehicle / equipment inspection procedures.
II.Inspection of Vehicles
  • A.Assigned Vehicles
    • 1.Personnel assigned to a Department vehicle will inspect the vehicle at the beginning and end of each tour of duty, when a vehicle is placed in service, or before a relief is made for:
      • a.interior and/or exterior damage.
      • b.the presence and proper positioning of the required beat plates.
      • c.any unauthorized items (e.g., weapons, lost/mislaid property, contraband, etc.).
      • d.a spare tire, properly secured and inflated.
      • e.the presence and condition of all authorized additional equipment (e.g., fire extinguisher, child safety seat, etc.).
      • f.the condition and presence of emergency equipment, if required.
      • g.the satisfactory operation of radios and emergency equipment (if so equipped), directional signals, all other lights, the horn, brakes, and windshield wipers. Members will notify Fleet Management via OEMC of all malfunctioning equipment.
      • h.unauthorized equipment or modification to the vehicle.
        Any irregularities will be reported promptly to the members supervisor who will initiate an investigation.
    • 2.Before and after any person is placed in a Department vehicle, the assigned personnel will inspect the interior for any unauthorized items.
    • 3.A member who accepts the vehicle as being in good condition will be held responsible for any:
      • a.damage found after acceptance of the vehicle.
      • b.missing/damaged equipment.
      • c.unauthorized items in the vehicle.
  • B.Vehicle Status File
    • 1.All districts/units will establish and maintain a vehicle status file by vehicle number, including both assigned and replacement vehicles. All pertinent information including Department Vehicle Accident or Damage Reports (CPD-22.951) will be placed in this file. The vehicle status file will be readily accessible to vehicle operators, supervisory and command personnel on all watches.
    • 2.The vehicle status file will accompany any vehicle that is turned in to Fleet Management for replacement or reassigned to another unit.
    • 3.When unreported damage, however minor, is discovered prior to acceptance of a vehicle, the member discovering the damage will submit a To-From-Subject report to his watch commander. The watch commander will forward a copy of the report to the watch commander of the member last assigned to the vehicle. The member last assigned to the vehicle will submit a Department Vehicle Accident or Damage Report.
  • C.Supervisor's Weekly Inspection
    • 1.In order to ensure that police service is not interrupted, supervisors will conduct vehicle inspections periodically during the second watch, each Sunday. If a vehicle cannot be inspected on Sunday, it will be inspected on the second watch the following day.
    • 2.District commanders will ensure that sergeants perform a daily inspection of the beat plates bearing radio call identification numbers on the vehicles under their command.
  • D.Procedures for the Weekly Inspection
    • 1.The results of the weekly Inspection will be recorded on the Vehicle / Equipment Inspection Report (CPD-11.457). This report will be prepared in duplicate; the original will be held in the vehicle status file for three months and a copy will be sent to the appropriate Fleet Management facility.
    • 2.When malfunctions or irregularities are discovered during the weekly vehicle inspection, the supervisor performing the inspection will:
      • a.indicate the irregularities on the Vehicle / Equipment Inspection Report by using the appropriate symbols: M=Missing, R=Repairs or Replacement needed.
      • the vehicle operator to initiate corrective action, when required.
      • c.ensure that missing equipment is replaced, or if no replacement equipment is available, notify the unit/district secretary to initiate appropriate requisition reports.
    • 3.A check mark, placed in the item column(s) of the report, will indicate the item has been inspected and found to be present, in working order, or in satisfactory condition.
    • 4.When vehicle malfunctions have been corrected during the tour of duty, the vehicle operator will advise his supervisor, who will note on the inspection report that the deficiency has been corrected.
    • 5.Newly discovered and accumulated damage will be recorded on the Vehicle / Equipment Inspection Report.
    • 6.Fleet Management personnel will file the copy of the Vehicle / Equipment Inspection Report. The report will be utilized to determine whether reported deficiencies have been corrected. This verification will be performed when vehicles are brought to the servicing garage facility for preventive maintenance. Maintenance personnel will repair reported deficiencies or malfunctions not yet corrected.
  • E.Reserve Pool Operations
    Personnel assigned to the Fleet Management facility will inspect each pool vehicle for cleanliness upon its return. Before pool vehicle reassignment, Fleet Management personnel will ensure that all fluids are filled to prescribed levels.
  • F.Vehicle Accident Damage
    When a member becomes involved in an accident while operating a Department vehicle, or any other vehicle that is rented, leased or loaned to the Department, the member will, before completing his tour of duty, follow the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled "Traffic Crash Investigation."
Matt L. Rodriguez
Superintendent of Police
95-086 AV(HEH)