Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U02-01-04
Vehicle Consumables
Issue Date:26 June 2019Effective Date:26 June 2019
Rescinds:29 March 2011 Version; U02-01-09
Index Category:Department Vehicles
This directive:
  • A.continues the Department's participation in the City of Chicago, Department of Fleet and Facilities Management (2FM) Fuel Management System.
  • B.revises procedures for dispensing consumables (fuel, oil, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and windshield washer fluid).
  • C.introduces the Department of Fleet and Facility Management (2FM) Asset WORKS, Fuel Focus fuel management system.
  • D.informs Department members that a City of Chicago identification card will be required to dispense fuel.
  • E.informs Department members of the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) maintenance needed for select vehicles.
  • A.All City of Chicago owned vehicles are authorized to receive fuel and consumables at City fuel sites.
  • B.Department members are authorized to use the Asset WORKS, Fuel Focus fuel management system and to dispense consumables from the pumps located at City fuel sites.
  • C.Vehicle operators may refuel, as needed, to comply with the provisions of this directive. However, members are encouraged to avoid refueling during regular watch changes.
  • D.A diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) additive is used with select diesel engine vehicles to reduce the amount of toxic emissions as required by federal standards. This additive is stored in a small tank located next to the diesel fuel tank. A full DEF tank will last for several thousand miles based upon vehicle usage. The fluid level in the DEF tank must be maintained for the vehicle to run correctly. DEF fluid will be available at select fuel sites of the 2FM motor maintenance facilities and on the R-service vehicles.
  • E.Vehicle Consumables maintained by 2FM—Fleet Section will only be used for Department vehicles. Members will be held strictly accountable for any vehicle consumables they dispense.
  • F.Fuel and other vehicle consumables are available from any 2FM authorized location; however, in order to reduce unnecessary travel and downtime, Department members will obtain vehicle consumables from the authorized 2FM location nearest their unit of assignment as designated by their Unit Commanding Officer.
    • 1.Unit Commanding Officers will review and post the updated list of 2FM approved sites and will designate the appropriate location(s) for their Unit members to obtain fuel and other vehicle consumables.
    • 2.Unit supervisors will monitor requests made by their subordinates for obtaining fuel and vehicle consumables to ensure compliance with this directive.
When refueling, Department members will adhere to the following procedures:
  • A.Using the keypad on the Asset WORKS, Fuel Focus fuel management system, located on the islands adjacent to the site fuel pumps, members will enter required information as prompted. Members will take care to ensure the vehicle has been turned off and key removed from the ignition prior to beginning any steps in the fueling process.
    • 1.When entering the Department vehicle number, the first two characters will be entered as “PD.” To do this, depress the numeric button corresponding with the letter P, until the letter appears in the digital display. Next, do the same with the button corresponding to the letter D.
    • 2.Next, enter the numeric vehicle number by depressing the appropriate numeric buttons.
      For Leased or Rented vehicles ending with the letter L or R, the numeric button corresponding to the specified letter should be pressed until the letter appears in the digital display.
    • 3.When prompted, swipe the Department-issued identification card.
    • 4.Once the swipe has been processed and accepted, the member will be prompted to begin fueling. The nozzle should be inserted to the fuel tank and the pump lever lifted. A momentary delay will occur prior to the pump activating.
      The fuel must begin pumping within twenty-five seconds after swiping the identification card or the fuel pumping will stop and the process must be started over again.
    • 5.Once the pump has activated, the member should depress the nozzle lever and begin fueling. At no time should the vehicle be left unattended during fueling.
    • 6.If any malfunction occurs during any of the required steps, the on-duty attendant should be immediately notified.
    • 7.Return the nozzle to the pump immediately upon fueling being completed.
      When fueling a Department vehicle, members should take the time to verify that other fluid levels are at appropriate levels. Coolant, oil, and washer fluid should all be available at the fueling site. If there is any question as to where these items are located, members can inquire with the on-duty site attendant. In the event any fluid levels are suspiciously low, indicating a possible leak or other mechanical failure, members should follow the procedures outlined in Department directive titled "Vehicle Service".
  • B.When a vehicle displays a low DEF warning, the vehicle operator will take the vehicle to the vehicle’s designated 2FM motor maintenance garage to have the DEF tank filled. If after hours, the vehicle operator will call for an R-service vehicle and request a filling. Only motor maintenance or R-service technicians will fill the DEF tank.
    The DEF tank has a blue cap and is located next to the green diesel fuel tank cap. Do not remove the DEF cap when fueling the vehicle with diesel fuel.
  • C.Issuance of Vehicle Number for Rental Vehicles
    • 1.Vehicle numbers are required for fueling at 2FM facilities. Upon first accepting any rental vehicle from an authorized vendor on behalf of the Department, the vehicle operator will immediately notify the Fleet Section. In order to ensure the vehicle is added to the 2FM records to enable fueling, the vehicle operator must be prepared to provide the following information:
      • a.Vehicle make/model/year,
      • b.Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),
      • c.License Plate or Temporary Tag, and
      • d.Vehicle type.
    • 2.Vehicle operators will follow the direction given by the Fleet Section and may be required to notify the appropriate 2FM service desk.
If any malfunction occurs when attempting to obtain fuel or other vehicle consumable, Department members will:
  • A.notify the on-duty site attendant of the malfunction and its nature.
  • B.follow the instruction given by the attendant.
    • 1.Some malfunctions may not be able to be immediately addressed by the on-duty attendant and in some cases, Department members may be directed to an alternate site.
    • 2.If directed to an alternate site, the member will notify his/her Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) primary radio channel dispatcher and immediate supervisor of a fueling or other vehicle consumable malfunction and of their new destination.
    • 3.If the malfunction will be corrected on-site, but a delay will occur, members will advise their OEMC primary radio channel dispatcher and immediate supervisor of the delay.
V.Vehicle Operator Responsibilities
Preventative Fluid Checks
  • A.At the time of each fueling, the vehicle operator will inspect and if necessary, refill:
    • 1.Engine oil,
    • 2.Windshield washer fluid and
    • 3.Coolant level in the coolant reservoir.
      Members will NOT open the radiator cap. Inspection of the coolant level will be strictly limited to the visible markings of the reservoir. If coolant must be added, ONLY the reservoir cap will be opened and coolant added to the reservoir.
  • B.Unless an exigent circumstance arises, vehicle fuel tanks will be maintained at no less than one-quarter tank of fuel. No vehicle will be surrendered to another watch with less than one-quarter tank of fuel unless authorized by a supervisor.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline have been added or revised)
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-178 RWN