Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U02-01-05
Vehicle Service
Issue Date:01 May 1997Effective Date:27 May 1997
Index Category:Department Vehicles
This directive outlines Department procedures relative to vehicle service
II.Field Service
  • A.Fleet Management:
    • responsible for the service of mechanical breakdowns, ignition systems, emergency equipment and vehicle alarm repair.
    • 2.provides vehicle service Monday through Friday during the second and third watches.
    • responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of mobile data terminals (MDTs), portable data terminals (PDTs), mobile and portable radios, batteries and charges, traffic radar units, and marine electronics equipment.
    • 4.provides basic, on-site radio repair service at all district/area facilities between 0730 and 1600 hours, Monday through Friday.
  • B.Field Service Procedures
    • 1.When a non-disabling failure (e.g., radiator hoses, battery, interior lights, spot lights, etc.) or a failure that does not constitute a law violation occurs, the vehicle operator will notify the City-Wide 3 (CW 3) Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) dispatcher of the failure, and request the service of an emergency service repair truck (R-Truck).
    • 2.When a failure occurs that is disabling or constitutes a law violation, the vehicle operator will inform the OEMC dispatcher of the nature of the failure and remain with the vehicle at the reported location until the R-Truck arrives unless otherwise directed by an immediate supervisor. Should the location of the vehicle change, the vehicle operator will notify the CW 3 dispatcher of the new location. The vehicle operator will notify his immediate supervisor when a failure occurs which constitutes a law violation.
    • 3.Field supervisors:
      • a.will evaluate subordinate vehicle operator requests to be taken out-of-service when vehicle failures occur that constitute law violations.
      • b.will determine whether the failure constitutes grounds for taking the vehicle out-of-service.
      • c.may authorize the operation of the vehicle when, in their opinion, the defect is not serious enough to warrant taking the vehicle out-of-service.
III.Tire Service
  • A.Tire Pressure Standards
    • 1.As a component of preventive maintenance and a means of reducing vehicle down-time due to tire failure, Fleet Management personnel will ensure that tire pressure conforms to industry standards or standards established by Fleet Management.
    • 2.Operators may correct tire pressure, as required, at any Fleet Management garage or commercial auto service station.
  • B.Procedure for Tire Change
    • 1.Personnel assigned to motorcycles, police all purpose vehicles, three wheel utility vehicles, squadrols and prisoner vans will contact the CW 3 dispatcher for tire service. This service is available 24 hours a day from outside vendors.
    • 2.Personnel assigned to vehicles other than those listed in item III-B-1 will make their own tire changes.
      • a.The vehicle operator will notify the OEMC dispatcher of his exact location and request to be taken out-of-service.
      • b.After making the tire change, the vehicle will be driven to the designated Fleet Management facility to obtain a spare tire.
      • c.If a suitable spare tire is not available at the designated Department of Fleet Management (DFM) facility, the vehicle will be driven to an alternate Fleet Management facility to obtain a spare tire.
      • d.When delivering an unserviceable tire to an Fleet Management facility, the vehicle operator will complete a Tire Exchange Tag (CPD-35.115).
IV.Washing of Vehicles
  • A.Scheduling
    • 1.Watch commanders assigned to the second watch will ensure that:
      • a.all vehicles assigned to their district/unit are kept clean.
      • b.a vehicle wash schedule is prepared in a manner that supports and maintains effective unit operations.
      • c.washes are scheduled between 0800 and 1600 hours, Monday through Friday.
      • d.appointments for washing squadrols or other large Department vehicles are set in advance.
      • e.vehicle operators notify OEMC dispatchers when their vehicles will be out-of-service for washing.
      • f.downed vehicles will be rotated with regularly assigned second watch vehicles in order that all vehicles are washed as necessary.
    • 2.The Department directive entitled "Authorized Department Car Wash Facilities" identifies locations of approved car wash vendors that serve each district, area and designated unit.
    • 3.Commanding officers will ensure that vehicles are only washed at locations designated for their unit/district. If no designated location is identified for their unit, the approved vendor nearest their area of operation will be used.
  • B.Police Vehicle Priority
    • 1.As a condition of the vendor service contract, police vehicles are authorized to pass all waiting civilian vehicles.
    • 2.General Support Division will post notices of this police vehicle priority as an item of public information at each approved location.
Matt L. Rodriguez
Superintendent of Police
95-086 AV(HEH)