Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U02-01-07
Extended-Hours Vehicle Use
Issue Date:15 May 2008Effective Date:27 May 2008
Index Category:Department Vehicles
This directive establishes procedures and restrictions for the authorization of Department vehicles for extended-hours use on a regular or a temporary basis.
To manage personnel and equipment resources effectively, Department command and supervisory personnel must evaluate personnel assignments and Department vehicle use against a standard of efficacy consistent with the Departments mission. Assigning vehicles to key Department members for use beyond normal duty hours is essential to Department operations. Such use gives the Department the ability to have key members respond to off-hour events and incidents requiring specialized supervision of services. However, the Department will only authorize use of Department vehicles beyond normal duty hours consistent with its needs and the procedures established in this directive.
III.Regular Extended-Hours Use
  • A.Select command staff Department members and members officially designated as acting for these select command staff members are available for duty at all times and should be able to respond to emergency incidents on a 24-hour basis. These select Department members are authorized the assignment of a Department vehicle for regular extended-hours use .
  • B.Requests for the regular extended-hours use of a Department vehicle by members other than those identified in Item III-A of this directive will submit Extended-Hours Use of Department Vehicle form (CPD-42.505), through channels, to their bureau deputy superintendent or the superintendent's Chief of Staff, as appropriate.
  • C.While specifically identifying a member, vehicle assignments of this type will be made in accordance with the function performed, rather than the individual member or rank. The Extended-Hours Use of Department Vehicle form must identify the compelling operational need of the function that requires the regular extended-hours use of the vehicle by the involved member.
    A command staff member who has several members sharing a specific extended-hours or on-call duty will devise a duty schedule that utilizes the minimum number of vehicles necessary.
  • D.When approved, the bureau deputy superintendent or the superintendent's chief of staff, as appropriate, will forward the request to the Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Administrative Services (BAS).
  • E.When it is determined that the request adheres to Department policy, the Deputy Superintendent, BAS, will direct the Fleet Liaison to designate a vehicle to the member.
IV.Incidental Extended-Hours Use
  • A.When operationally necessary, a command staff member may temporarily assign a vehicle from the involved unit to a Department member for incidental extended-hours use . An example of incidental extended-hours use is the temporary assignment of a vehicle at the end of a members regular duty hours to facilitate the efficient response of this member on the next tour of duty at a special detail or assignment.
  • B.The command staff member will complete an Extended-Hours Use of Department Vehicle form and:
    • 1.forward the completed original form directly to their bureau deputy superintendent or the Chief of Staff, as appropriate;
    • 2.immediately fax a copy to the Inspection Division, ensuring the receipt of a confirmed fax transmission report;
    • 3.provide a photocopy to the member to whom the incidental extended-hours vehicle is assigned with instructions to keep it in his or her possession when driving the vehicle during the extended hours; and
    • 4.retain the fax confirmation and a photocopy of the form in the units files.
  • C.An Extended-Hours Use of Department Vehicle form will be completed for each time period between the members normal duty assignments. Subsequent authorizations, if necessary, will require the submission of additional completed forms.
  • D.All covert vehicle use will be processed in the same manner as Item III-B of this directive.
V.Other Command Responsibilities
  • A.The Bureau of Administrative Services is responsible for keeping a Department-wide record of regular extended-hours vehicle use. The Deputy Superintendent, BAS, will ensure that:
    • 1.a record is maintained listing all members authorized regular extended-hours use and the corresponding vehicle number for each member.
    • 2.the Commander, Inspection Division, is provided a copy of the record each time the listing is updated.
  • B.Within thirty days of the effective date of this directive, all bureau deputy superintendents and the superintendent's Chief of Staff will provide a comprehensive report to the Deputy Superintendent, BAS, identifying all vehicles and members under their command who are authorized extended-hours vehicle use.
  • C.Each bureau deputy superintendent and the superintendent's Chief of Staff will ensure that this listing is updated quarterly (i.e., 16 January, 16 April, 16 July, and 16 October) and when necessary due to reassignment of personnel or vehicles under their command and the revised listing is forwarded to the Deputy Superintendent, BAS.
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
08-045 EGV/mwk
1. -
The authorized permanent or semi-permanent assignment of a Department vehicle for use beyond normal duty hours. The assignment is to facilitate a member's response and completion of duties required during extended hours. Vehicle use is subject to the limitations established by Department policies.
2. -
The authorized temporary use of a Department vehicle beyond normal duty hours. Use is subject to the limitations established by Department policies.
3. -
The authorized use of a Department vehicle which, by its appearance and State and City registrations, is unable to be differentiated from a vehicle owned or operated by a regular citizen.