Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U02-01-08
Vehicles Equipped with Protective Dividers
Issue Date:06 February 1985Effective Date:07 February 1985
Index Category:Department Vehicles
This directive:
  • A.continues procedures for transporting arrestees in Department vehicles equipped with protective dividers.
  • B.defines the duties and responsibilities of Department members relative to transporting arrestee in these vehicles.
II.General Information
The Department is deploying vehicles equipped with protective dividers. Members are encouraged to use these vehicles when transporting arrestees within the constraints set forth in Items III-A and B.
III.Transporting and Processing Arrestees
  • A.Vehicles equipped with dividers will be used to transport arrestees when:
    • 1.a squadrol is not immediately available, and
    • unusual hazard is apparent, and
    • arrest report and signed complaint for each arrestee is received from the arresting officer, or the arresting officer accompanies the arrestees to the detention facility or to the district in which the arrest was made and there completes the proper reports and complaints.
      These procedures will be modified during major disturbances, multiple arrest situations, or when circumstances at the arrest scene could intensify, requiring the arresting officer to remain at the location of arrest. Under these circumstances, arrestees will be immediately transported to a detention facility or designated detention area where necessary reports such as arrest report, complaints, case reports, etc., will be completed and/or procedures relative to multiple arrest situations will be followed.
  • B.Arrestee Transport Constraints:
    • 1.No more than three arrestees will be transported at one time.
    • 2.Unconscious, sick, or previously injured arrestees will normally not be transported.
    • 3.Arrestees will be transported and processed in accordance with existing Department directives.
    • 4.No arrestee will be handcuffed to any part of the vehicle.
    • 5.An arrestee restrained by handcuffs will be secured by means of the seat belt.
      If an officer believes that his personal safety would be jeopardized in securing an arrestee with a seat belt, the arrestee will be transported by squadrol.
IV.Vehicle Availability Notification Requirement
The district watch commander will ensure that the watch assignment line-up is submitted immediately after each roll call and that the Office of Emergency Management and Communications is made aware of all vehicles which are equipped with protective dividers.
V.Duties of Members Assigned to Vehicles
  • A.Members assigned to vehicles equipped with protective dividers will:
    • 1.inspect the entire vehicle at the beginning of each tour of duty in accordance with existing Department directives.
    • 2.specifically inspect the protective divider at the beginning of each tour of duty to ensure that it is in satisfactory condition.
    • 3.maintain a supply of necessary court complaints, arrest reports, and case reports in the vehicle.
    • 4.notify the Office of Emergency Management and Communications before transporting an arrestee, return to service immediately after completing the assignment and inform the Office of Emergency Management and Communications.
    • 5.advise the Office of Emergency Management and Communications of any circumstances which indicate that a squadrol, fire department ambulance or mobile intensive care unit (MICU) should be assigned.
  • B.Members assigned to such vehicles will not respond to an incident for the sole purpose of transporting arrestee unless assigned by the Office of Emergency Management and Communications.
Fred Rice
Superintendent of Police
83-134 AA (MP)