Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U02-01-10
Authorized Department Car Wash Facilities
Issue Date:30 August 2004Effective Date:30 August 2004
Index Category:Department Vehicles
This directive:
  • A.provides the:
    • 1.“Approved Car Wash Vendors Matrix,” that identifies the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the car wash vendors approved to provide services for Department vehicles, and
    • 2.“Approved Car Wash Vendors Reference Map,” that serves as a corresponding reference map of these vendors.
  • B.specifies which authorized Department car wash facilities district/unit members are authorized to use.
  • C.outlines the procedures for Department vehicle washing, completing an authorizing invoice, and documenting damage caused to vehicles by an authorized Department car wash facility.
II.Authorized Department Car Wash Facilities
  • A.Members will obtain car wash services for Department vehicles consistent with the attachment to this directive entitled “Approved Car Wash Vendors - Matrix.”
    • 1.Whenever operationally feasible, members will utilize a vendor that has been designated as a primary vendor for their unit of assignment.
    • 2.With the approval of a supervisor, members may utilize a designated alternate vendor identified for their unit of assignment.
      In the event that neither the unit’s designated primary or alternate car wash vendors are operational, unit supervisors may authorize the use of the approved car wash vendor nearest to their unit of assignment that is then in operation.
  • B.Members assigned to districts/units having multiple primary vendors will have their Department vehicles washed at the authorized vendor closest to their location of assignment.
  • C.Members whose units are not assigned to a specific authorized Department car wash facility will use the services of the authorized vendor closest to their location of assignment/detail.
  • D.In addition to any other potential actions by the Department, any member who obtains a car wash for a Department vehicle through the use of an unauthorized vendor will be responsible to pay for any such services required by that vendor without reimbursement from the Department.
III.Car Washing Standards
  • A.The entire exterior of a Department vehicle, including tires, will be thoroughly washed and dried.
  • B.The entire interior of a Department vehicle, including driver, passenger, and prisoner transport areas, will be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. The dashboard, steering wheel, steering wheel column, interior mirror, seats, floors, floor mats, rocker panels, and rear window deck will be cleaned.
  • C.“Full Detailing Service for Passenger Cars” consists of all of the above plus shampooing, removal of all tough dirt and/or stains from the front and rear transport seats, cleaning of the entire dashboard (including all exposed connected components), headliner, door panels, rear deck lid, and metal cage structure.
    The Fleet Liaison must provide written approval for any “Full Detailing Service for Passenger Cars.” Upon approval, the Department member will schedule an appointment.
IV.Car Washing Procedures
  • A.Before a Department vehicle enters an authorized Department car wash facility, the Department member will ensure that:
    • 1.the authorized Department car wash facility has written the four digit vehicle number and the correct date and time on an authorization invoice.
    • 2.the authorization invoice is signed and completed accurately, including entering the member’s unit of assignment / detail and star and/or employee number. Members will sign only one invoice for each car wash.
  • B.Members must schedule an appointment for hand-washing services on the following Department vehicles which should never go through an automatic washing process:
    • 1.squadrols,
    • 2.prisoner transfer vans,
      Chevrolet Astro vans are sedan class vehicles and do not require any special washing procedures.
    • 3.trucks,
    • 4.four-wheel-all-terrain vehicles,
    •, and
    • 6.Cushman scooters.
  • C.Members will:
    • 1.notify the manager of an authorized Department car wash facility immediately if dissatisfied with the quality of service as delineated in Item III, and
    • 2.submit a To-From-Subject report describing the quality of service to the Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Administrative Services, Attention: Fleet Liaison.
V.Damage Caused to Department Vehicles During the Course of a Car Wash
  • A.A car wash facility is responsible for any vehicle or equipment damage caused to a Department vehicle that occurs during the course of a car wash.
  • B.If a Department vehicle is damaged during the course of a car wash, the vehicle operator will immediately:
    • 1.notify the car wash facility manager of the incident.
      If the car wash facility manager is unavailable, the representative in charge will serve as a substitute.
    • 2.examine the vehicle or equipment damage with the car wash facility manager.
    • 3.notify a field supervisor and request an on-scene vehicle inspection.
    • 4.prepare a Department Vehicle Traffic Crash or Damage Report (CPD-22.951) denoting the name of the car wash facility manager who inspected the vehicle and the name, rank, and star number of the field supervisor who was notified and/or responded to the scene for the on-site inspection.
    • 5.notify the  Department of Fleet Management , Bureau of Police Motor Maintenance and comply with their instructions.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
04-052 MAT/CLN(PMD)
Department of Fleet and Facilities Management (2FM) (Control Board - Police Motor Maintenance)
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