Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S08-02-02
Court Section Program
Issue Date:28 May 2015Effective Date:28 May 2015
Rescinds:20 March 2012 version
Index Category:Professionalism
I.Function and Responsibilities of the Commanding Officer, Court Section
  • A.The Commanding Officer, Court Section, will report directly to the Deputy Chief, Administrative and Logistic Support Group.
  • B.The Commanding Officer, Court Section, will:
    • 1.authorize the assignment of personnel to court branches as needed.
    • 2.supervise court section personnel assigned to the Court Section.
    • 3.evaluate the performance of all court section personnel included in this program.
    • 4.visit the various courts periodically to monitor the proper attendance, appearance, preparation and court presentations of officers.
    • 5.maintain liaison with the courts, the State's Attorney's Office and the Corporation Counsel's Office.
    • 6.maintain lateral communication with the Identification Section.
    • 7.forward a Narcotics Log to the Chemistry Lab of the Illinois State Police on a daily basis (Monday through Friday).
II.Responsibilities and Duties of Court Section Personnel
  • A.Court section personnel will:
    • 1.function as the Department representative in cases where the appearance of the arresting officer is not required.
    • 2.require that all officers log in and log out when appearing in court.
    • 3.ensure that all overtime submitted for approval accurately reflects the time the officer was present in court.
    • unauthorized absences, exceptional/deficient appearance, demeanor and quality of testimony of officers appearing in court by completing the Court Section Report to Commanding Officer (CPD-21.602) when necessary.
    • 5.perform other duties as may be required by Commanding Officer, Court Section.
  • B.When a case handled by court section personnel is continued to enable the arresting officer to appear, the court section personnel will enter all necessary information via the Automated Court Notification Program for units participating in the program.
    In Units not using the Automated Court Notification Program, notifications will continue to be processed and posted in the Court Notification Book or the Commanding Officer's Book.
III.District and Unit Responsibilities
  • A.Unit commanding officers will ensure that Department members follow procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled "Court Attendance and Responsibilities" for court notifications entered by the Court Section.
  • B.All arresting or investigating officers that are notified will appear in the proper court on the date specified.
  • C.When notified that a member of their unit cannot appear in court, station supervisors / designated unit supervisors will ensure that the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled "Court Attendance and Responsibilities" are followed prior to requesting a continuance.
IV.Responsibilities of Command Personnel
  • A.Chief, Bureau of Support Services or designee will visit the courts to determine the effectiveness of court section personnel and of officers presenting evidence in court. The Commanding Officer, Court Section, will maintain liaison with the Chief, Bureau of Support Services to determine any deficiencies they may have noted during their inspections of courts so that corrective action can be taken.
  • B.Unit commanding officers will investigate irregularities and deficiencies reported to them in the Court Section Reports and will take appropriate remedial or disciplinary action. Reports of actions taken or of recommendations made will be submitted through channels to the appropriate Bureau Deputy Chief. Bureau Deputy Chiefs will ensure that the Commanding Officer, Court Section, is notified when investigations are completed so that Court Section files can be closed.
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Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
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