Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E03-01-01
Sworn Medical Roll -- Injury on Duty Status
Issue Date:28 January 2020Effective Date:28 January 2020
Rescinds:27 August 2009 Version
Index Category:Medical, Health, and Wellness
This directive:
  • A.outlines Department policy and defines procedures for a sworn member to be classified as injured on duty; and
  • B.introduces the Injury on Duty (IOD) Reporting Application—RisxFacs, a City of Chicago automated application used to report IOD's for City employees.
II.Department Injury on Duty Policy
  • A.A sworn member who has been injured on duty will be allowed medical absences as set forth in Chapter 2-84-480 of the Municipal Code of Chicago and the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.
  • B.Probationary police officers who have not completed the first twelve months of the probationary period will follow the procedures set forth in the Department directive titled "Civilian Injured on Duty Status."
III.Preparation of an Injury on Duty Report
An Injury on Duty Report will be prepared when the injury occurs in the course of employment:
  • A.during assigned duty or overtime hours, or
  • B.arising out of the performance of a necessary police function during off duty hours, or
  • C.within a unit facility or other designated reporting location when the member is reporting to work or going off duty.
IV.Reporting an Injury/Illness on Duty
Injured sworn Department members will:
  • A.notify their supervisor, or if their supervisor is not available, a supervisor from the district/unit of assignment in which the injury occurred, as soon as possible, but no later than the end of their tours of duty when sustaining or becoming aware of an injury.
  • B.notify their supervisor again, if not contacted by their supervisor or another supervisor within twenty-four hours of the injury/illness.
  • C.identify witnesses for the investigating supervisor whenever possible.
  • provided with a printed copy of the completed Injury on Duty Report.
V.Treatment for an Injury on Duty
A member injured on duty will obtain:
  • A.treatment in all situations requiring emergency first aid at the nearest hospital approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health to provide comprehensive emergency room service.
    Members who are injured on duty but refuse emergency medical care during their tour of duty must contact the Medical Services Section before obtaining non-emergency medical treatment at a later date.
  • B.the approval of the Medical Services Section in every instance prior to receiving follow-up medical care.
VI.Placement on the Medical Roll—Injury on Duty Status
  • A.Members excused before the end of their tour of duty by the watch operations lieutenant/unit commanding officer due to an injury on duty will not be placed on the Medical Roll—Injury on Duty Status for that day. The member will, however, comply with the provisions of the Stationary Recuperation category as identified in the Department directive titled “Medical Policy.”
  • B.Members who are unable to report for duty on the next scheduled workday due to their injury will notify a supervisor in the unit of assignment or detail at least one hour prior to the scheduled reporting time; in units not staffed until the members' reporting time, within fifteen minutes after the scheduled reporting time. The members will give the reason for the absence and any other information requested by the supervisor.
  • C.A member will contact or cause the Medical Services Section to be contacted within twenty-four hours of placement upon the medical roll.
    A member will be initially placed in the Stationary Recuperation or Hospital Recuperation category. Only Medical Services Section personnel may change a member’s status to Ambulatory Recuperation .
  • D.Members will report to the Medical Services Section or other identified medical service provider as directed during the initial phone consultation.
    Members failing to report as scheduled to the Medical Services Section or the identified medical service provider will have their medical certification withheld.
VII.Release from the Medical Roll—Injury on Duty Status and Return to Duty
  • A.A member will report to the Medical Services Section to obtain a Return to Duty Notice releasing them from the Medical Roll. The Medical Service Section will be responsible for submitting the Return to Duty Notice via the CLEAR Automated Medical Application.
    No Department member can be released from the Medical Roll—Injury on Duty Status without authorization from the Medical Services Section.
  • B.Members granted return-to-duty status per the Medical Services Section will notify their watch operations lieutenant/unit commanding officer before leaving the Medical Services Section. The Return to Duty Notice will be verified through the CLEAR Automated Medical Application by the member’s unit of assignment or detail prior to the member’s actual return to duty.
VIII.Exposure to Communicable Disease / Hazardous Materials
Members exposed to a communicable disease / hazardous material will:
  • A.immediately report the exposure to their supervisor or a supervisor in the district of occurrence and follow the procedures outlined in the Department directive titled “Exposure Control Plan.”
  • B.request that the supervisor investigate the exposure and prepare a Report of Exposure to Communicable Disease / Hazardous Material (CPD-62.418).
    All Department members assigned to the scene of a Hazardous Material incident will have a Report of Exposure to Communicable Disease / Hazardous Material (CPD-62.418) prepared.
  • C.if an injury occurs along with the exposure incident, or if a member obtained medical care for the exposure, request that the supervisor complete an Injury on Duty Report.
  • or cause the Medical Services Section to be contacted within twenty-four hours of placement upon the medical roll.
  • E.promptly notify the Medical Services Section by telephone if they contract a disease as a result of the exposure incident.
IX.Injured Member’s Responsibilities and Procedures
An Injured Department member:
  • A.will comply with the instructions provided by the Medical Services Section.
  • B.will obtain the approval of the Medical Services Section, who will provide the special accommodation, before wearing special apparel or equipment for medical reasons while on duty. The apparel or equipment must be prescribed in writing by the member’s treating physician.
  • C.who is scheduled to appear in court, grand jury proceeding, or other governmental hearing and is unable to do so because of an injury or illness will, when feasible, notify a supervisor in the district/unit of assignment as soon the member becomes aware of the inability to appear to allow for the notification of another member to appear.
    An officer on the medical roll will be granted overtime for an appearance in court or other governmental hearing only when the appearance exceeds eight hours.
  • D.wishing to leave the state while on the medical roll will submit a To-From-Subject Report to the Commanding Officer, Medical Services Section. A member will not leave the state without the written approval of the Commanding Officer, Medical Services Section. A member requesting permission to leave the state for a period greater than fifteen days must also obtain the written approval of the Chief, Bureau of Organizational Development.
  • E.will submit bills to Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc., P.O. Box 2831 Clinton, IA 52733-2831.
  • F.will prepare and submit a Notification of Legal Action to Recover Damages (CPD-62.388) to the Medical Services Section upon request or within 72 hours of:
    • 1.taking legal action to recover damages.
    • 2.negotiating for a settlement of a damage claim.
    • 3.being contacted by an insurance company or any other interested party.
  • G.will reimburse the City for medical expenses paid upon receiving a cash settlement from a responsible third party for an injury sustained.
X.Supervisor Responsibilities and Procedures
  • A.When notified of a member’s injury on duty, a supervisor will:
    • 1.when practicable, immediately respond to the scene.
    • 2.ensure that the injured member receives emergency first aid, when necessary.
    • 3.for a detailed member, notify the member’s district/unit of assignment by telephone.
    • 4.prepare an Injury on Duty Report using the automated application even if the member does not receive medical treatment.
  • B.Supervisors preparing an Injury on Duty Report will:
    • 1.complete an Injury on Duty Report using RisxFacs, the IOD reporting application.
    • 2.investigate conditions under which the injury occurred including careful inspection of:
      • a.the site of the incident; and
      • b.any mechanical device which contributed to the injury.
    • 3.describe with specificity results of the investigation by completing each field. The "Notes" feature will be used for additional comments relating to the incident.
      The assigned supervisor will request photographs of the scene or device, if necessary.
    • 4.obtain written statements and signatures of any witnesses to the incident.
    • 5.use the "Documents" feature to attach copies of all generated reports relating to the incident (e.g., Arrest Report, case report, witness statement, etc.).
    • 6.verify that they have investigated the incident and that all facts and circumstances are accurate and true to the best of their knowledge and belief by clicking "submit incident."
    • 7.provide the member with a copy of the "Confirmation Page" containing the report number.
    • 8.if necessary, respond to follow-up telephone calls from the adjuster regarding the specifics of the reported injury on duty.
  • C.A supervisor receiving a report of a medical absence due to an injury on duty or recurrence of a previously reported injury on duty will complete a Medical Absence Report via the CLEAR Automated Medical Application.
Charlie Beck
Interim Superintendent of Police
18-044 MJC
1. -
A member recuperating from an injury or illness that may be remedied by short term rest and/or medication will remain in his or her residence. The member may leave his or her residence for a reasonable period of time to acquire medical services or products, obtain food, vote, attend religious services or attend to an emergency situation. When leaving his or her residence, the member is required to notify an on-duty supervisor in his or her unit of assignment or detail and provide them with the information required to complete the Sickness Report/Absence from Home Log (CPD-62.409). In the event the unit of assignment or detail is not staffed at the time of the required notification, the notification will be made to the Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC).
2. -
A member who is recuperating in a hospital as the result of their illness/injuries.
3. -
Allows a member who is recuperating from an illness or injury to leave their residence without notifying their unit of assignment or detail. A member assigned to this category will be given appointment dates for review of their illness or injury.
4. -
A finding by the Medical Section that use of the medical roll is appropriate as a result of an illness/injury and the member is in compliance with applicable rules and directions.