Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E03-01-05
Civilian Sick Leave
Issue Date:07 January 2019Effective Date:07 January 2019
Rescinds:1 April 1998 Version
Index Category:Medical, Health, and Wellness
This directive:
  • A.outlines Department policy and defines procedures for a civilian Department member to use accumulated sick leave.
  • B.introduces the use of the automated Personnel Action Request (PAR) application for leaves of absence and excusal from duty relative to civilian sick leave.
  • C.satisfies CALEA law enforcement standards in Chapter 22.
II.Sick Leave
  • A.Civilian members of the Department, including those represented by AFSCME, Unit II, and the Illinois Nurses Association, are granted sick leave in accordance with their collective bargaining agreements. Non-represented civilian members of the Department are granted sick leave based on City of Chicago, Department of Personnel Rules. Civilian Department members will be credited one paid sick-leave day on the first day of each month.
  • B.Civilian Department members will be allowed to accumulate up to 200 paid sick-leave days.
  • C.Sick leave may be used for:
    • 1.illness,
    • 2.disability,
    • 3.non-duty injury, or
    • 4.medical appointments.
  • D.Sick leave may also be used to care for a member of the employee's family, as defined in the civilian member's respective collective bargaining agreement, who has:
    • 1.suffered:
      • illness,
      • b.a disability, or
      • injury.
    • 2.a medical appointment.
  • E.Sick leave may be used in increments of one-half days or more. With twenty-four hour prior notice and the permission of the employee's supervisor, sick leave may be used in smaller increments. In a bona fide emergency, if and to the extent twenty-four hour notice is not possible, sick leave may also be used in smaller increments, provided that the employee promptly notifies his or her supervisor.
III.Request for Use of Sick Leave
A civilian Department member will:
  • A.request the use of sick leave from the unit commander/watch operations lieutenant.
  • B.telephone his or her district/unit of assignment each day for use of sick leave.
    • 1.A member unable to report for duty will notify a supervisor in his or her unit of assignment or detail at least one hour prior to his or her scheduled reporting time; in units not staffed until the member's reporting time, within fifteen minutes after the scheduled reporting time. The member will give the reason for the absence and any other information requested by the supervisor. A Department member who fails to notify his or her unit of assignment will be considered absent without permission or absent without leave.
    • 2.A civilian Department member with a disabling condition or is hospitalized may satisfy the notification requirement with a physician's written statement of the nature of the employee's condition, the reason why this condition prohibits work, and the expected duration of absence. Such statement may suffice for use of accumulated sick leave for up to one month. Thereafter, additional statements may be submitted monthly, or more frequently as the district/unit commander requires.
      Failure to notify a supervisor in the district/unit of assignment will result in the member being designated "Absent Without Permission W/O Pay" on the Automated Daily Attendance and Assignment (A&A) Record. Members of AFSCME or Unit II whose daily duty status reflects "Absent Without Permission W/O Pay" for five consecutive work days will be terminated for job abandonment consistent with the procedures outlined in the Department directive "Payroll and Timekeeping — Attendance."
  • C.request the unit commander/watch operations lieutenant to designate the member "Excused W/O Pay — No Supv Approval (Civilian Only)" on the Daily A&A's Sheets if the member has used all accrued sick leave and expects to return to work within five working days and no other elective time is available.
    A civilian Department member loses all insurance coverage after five working days being in an "Absent Without Permission W/O Pay" or "Excused W/O Pay — No Supv Approval (Civilian Only)" status. AFSCME-represented employees may elect to use vacation or other time to avoid loss of insurance.
  • D.generate and submit an automated Personnel Action Request indicating "Leave of Absence" if the member has been in a sick/no-pay status for more than a pay period.
    Civilian members will follow the procedures outlined in the Department directive "Payroll and Timekeeping — Attendance" for applying for a leave of absence.
IV.Returning to Duty
A civilian Department member will:
  • A.normally return to duty at his or her district/unit of assignment.
  • to the Employee Services and Assignment Section, Human Resources Division, when:
    • 1.ordered to do so by the watch operations lieutenant/supervisor in the district/unit of assignment.
    • 2.a personal physician has released him or her to return to duty with work restrictions.
  • C.if requested by the district/unit commanding officer, provide reasonable evidence for the use of sick leave.
V.Timekeeper Responsibilities
A timekeeper who receives notification of a civilian medical absence will:
  • A.ensure the medical absence has been indicated on the Automated Daily Attendance and Assignment (A&A) Record.
  • B.ensure the information posted on the Time and Attendance Records is complete and accurate.
  • C.bring to the attention of the unit commanding officer/watch operations lieutenant any discrepancies relating to medical absences, including insufficient sick leave hours.
VI.Watch Operation Lieutenant/Supervisor's Responsibilities
A supervisor receiving a report of a medical absence due to an off-duty illness or injury will ensure that:
  • A.if the member has exhausted available sick leave, the affected member is contacted and made aware that all available sick leave has been exhausted and the that member's daily duty status will be "Excused W/O Pay — No Supv Approval (Civilian Only)" unless other elective time is available.
    A member's daily duty status cannot be "Sick Without Pay (Civilian Only)."
  • B.if the member has exhausted all sick-leave days and other types of elective time is not available, generate and submit an automated Personnel Action Request (PAR) and:
    • 1.enter the affected member's information;
    • "Excused Without Pay — Non-Disciplinary" from the available actions;
    • 3.enter the effective date of absence;
    • 4.enter the circumstances and any remarks; and
    • 5.submit through the chain of command.
  • C.notifications are made when the sick or injured member is unable to appear in court or other assignment/detail.
  • D.a To-From-Subject report is requested from a civilian member when the district/unit commander has good reason to believe that the member is in violation of this directive.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
17-161 EW
1. -
Fact based upon the circumstances in each individual case and may include one or more of the following:
  • A.Doctor's certificate
  • B.Medical release
  • C.Employer directed physical examination
  • D.Telephoning the employee at home to verify his presence
  • E.Employee personal statement
  • F.Questioning of the employee