Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S03-16
Crossing Guards
Issue Date:10 April 1987Effective Date:11 April 1987
Index Category:Field Operations
This directive:
  • A.defines the role of crossing guards.
  • B.defines crossing assignment categories.
  • C.defines Department policy and procedures regarding the assignment of crossing guards.
  • D.outlines the duties and responsibilities of crossing guards.
II.Assignment of School Crossing Guards
  • A.Annual Selection of Assignments
    All crossing guards will receive a Bureau of Patrol FALL SCHOOL TERM AND RETURN TO DUTY NOTICE at the termination of the school year. The notice will designate a specific date and time for crossing guards to report to their present district of assignment. Crossing guards who receive a notice of transfer from the Human Resources Division during the month of August will report to their new district of assignment on the date specified for selection of assignments for the new school term. Non-probationary crossing guards shall have the right to select the crossing assignment location they will work based upon the amount of their continuous service with the City. The crossing guard with the most continuous service with the City shall have the first choice of a crossing assignment, the crossing guard with the next greatest length of continuous service with the City shall have second choice of assignment and so forth in order of total length of continuous service with the City of Chicago. Non-probationary crossing guards with the same continuous service date and assigned to the same district will draw lots to determine their assignment. Crossing guards attending the district selection of assignments meeting will receive the amount of pay specified in the applicable collective bargaining agreement.
  • B.Adjustment of Assignments
    Those crossing guards with at least one year of seniority whose crossings have been eliminated or reclassified as Category No. 1 or Category No. 3 or who were on a leave of absence during the fall selection will be permitted to select a Category No. 2 crossing during the following January. These selections will be limited to those Category No. 2 crossings, within the district, held by crossing guards with less seniority. The date and time for this adjustment will be designated by the district commander.
  • C.Authority and Responsibility of District Commanders Regarding Crossing Guard Assignments
    Each district commander will review and/or evaluate his district crossing assignments. The assignment of crossing guards should ensure that maximum safety and security is provided at authorized crossing assignment locations. The district commander will submit a report to the Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Patrol containing crossing assignment selections.
  • D.Request for Transfer by Crossing Guards
    Request for a transfer submitted by crossing guards will be granted when the needs of the Department are satisfied and a position is open for a crossing guard at the district of request. The position will be posted on an appropriate unit bulletin board and all non-probationary crossing guards shall be given the opportunity to bid for such position according to the applicable provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • E.Crossing Guards Return to Duty
    Crossing guards who are on leave of absence during the school year will be allowed to return to duty if there is a position available. If, upon request for return to duty, there are no positions available because other persons have been appointed from the eligibility list, the crossing guards name will be placed on a reinstatement list.
  • F.Determination of a Crossing Guards Seniority
    A crossing guards seniority shall be determined by the length of his/her service in the job title (time-in-title). Seniority shall continue to accumulate for a non-probationary crossing guard on a medical leave of absence for a period of up to one year. After one year, a crossing guard on a medical leave of absence shall retain, but not accumulate seniority.
  • G.Determination of a Crossing Guards Continuous Service
    • 1.A crossing guards continuous service date will be determined from his/her last date of hire by the City, without a break or interruption in paid employment status. A crossing guard shall earn continuous service credit even though he/she is not paid for:
      • unpaid leave of absence or layoff of 30 days or less; or
      • absence where the crossing guard is deemed eligible for duty disability compensation.
    • 2.Continuous service credit will not be earned for absences without leave, absences due to suspensions, or unpaid leaves of absence for more than 30 days or layoff for more than 40 days.
  • H.Chain of Command
    A crossing guard will direct employment inquiries pertaining to Department policy and procedure to the Department member responsible for crossing guard liaison in the respective district or to the respective district commander. If further clarification is necessary, the Crossing Guard Coordinator, Bureau of Patrol will be contacted.
  • A.Crossing guards will direct pedestrian traffic across streets or intersections.
    • 1.At an intersection regulated by traffic signals, they will direct traffic in compliance with the signals and in accordance with all city and state traffic regulations.
    • 2.At an intersection not regulated by traffic signals, they will halt vehicular traffic only to prevent injury to a pedestrian or to allow pedestrians to cross when there is no break in traffic.
  • B.When a motorist willfully disobeys a crossing guards signal or commits a serious traffic violation:
    • 1.The crossing guard will not attempt to stop the motorist.
    • 2.The crossing guard will record:
      • a.The nature of the violation,
      • b.the violators State license plate number,
      • c.a description of the vehicle, and
      • d.a description of the driver of the vehicle.
      • e.This information will be forwarded to the Department member responsible for crossing guard liaison and used by the district commander as the basis for a warning letter to the motorist.
  • C.When a motorist has flagrantly or repeatedly committed a traffic violation in their presence, crossing guards will seek supervisory approval and assistance to obtain a warrant of arrest.
  • A.District commanders are responsible for ensuring the proper supervision of crossing guards assigned to their districts.
  • B.District commanders will designate a Department member to inspect the daily appearance and performance of crossing guards to ensure adherence to the provisions of this directive and all applicable rules, regulations, and procedures.
V.Personnel Procedures
  • A.Duty Time
    Crossing guards will be on duty during the hours designated by their district commander. They will report to their assigned crossing assignment locations promptly at the time specified.
  • B.Absence from Duty
    • 1.Whenever crossing guards are unable to report for duty for any reason, they will notify their district of assignment at least one hour prior to their scheduled reporting time, or the day prior to their absence, if possible. The crossing guard should obtain the name of the person to whom the information was reported.
    • 2.Crossing guards who are absent from duty, and in a non-pay status, for 30 or more consecutive days will be required to report to the Human Resources Division for processing prior to returning to duty.
  • C.Medical Roll
    • 1.Crossing guards will notify either the Department member responsible for crossing guard liaison in their district or a district supervisor of their district of assignment or detail of their inability to report for duty at least one hour before their scheduled reporting time or the day before, when possible.
    • 2.Crossing guards may use a specified number of hours of accumulated vacation (identified in the applicable collective bargaining agreement) in lieu of an unpaid status for incidents of sickness.
    • 3.Crossing guards absent from duty for 10 working days or less will report directly to their district of assignment without obtaining a Medical Services Section release. They will notify the district one hour prior to returning to duty.
    • 4.Crossing guards absent from duty for 11 to 29 consecutive working days will:
      • a.Submit a letter from their attending physician to the City Physician describing the nature of the ailment.
      • b.obtain the City Physicians authorization to return to duty
        [0800 - 1600 hours daily, closed Saturdays, Sundays and authorized holiday (s) ].
      • c.notify the district at least one hour prior to returning to duty and submit the City Physicians return to duty authorization to their supervisor.
    • 5.Crossing guards absent from duty for 30 or more consecutive working days will follow the procedures outlined in Items V-C-4a and 4b, prior to reporting to the Human Resources Division.
  • D.Leave of Absence
    Crossing guards will apply for a leave of absence by submitting a Personnel Action Request form (CPD-11.612) to the designated Department member at least five working days prior to the desired effective date of the leave. If the leave is for thirty days or longer, the crossing guard will also complete a City of Chicago Department of Personnel PER-73 form. The PER-73 form must accompany the Personnel Action Request form. District commanders will ensure adherence to established exit interview procedures when a crossing guards leave of absence is for a period of 30 days or more. If an absence exceeds 30 calendar days and a leave has not been applied for in sufficient time, the crossing guards career status will be jeopardized.
    • 1.Medical
      Crossing guards will apply for a medical leave of absence by submitting a Personnel Action Request form, accompanied by a note from a doctor, to the designated Department member when:
      • a.they have been carried on the Medical Roll for eleven working days and the anticipated length of absence will exceed 29 calendar days.
      • b.they know prior to placement on the Medical Roll that the absence will exceed 29 calendar days.
    • 2.Personal
      Crossing guards may apply for a personal leave of absence for any reason other than medical (e.g., illness in family, financial difficulty) by submitting a Personnel Action Request form to their district commander (or his designee). The leave will be granted at the discretion of the command staff member Human Resources Division. Official supporting documentation must accompany the Personnel Action Request form.
  • E.Paid Holidays, Paid Vacations, Personal Days
Authenticated by:
Fred Rice
Superintendent of Police
236-79 MU (JDJ)