Chicago Police DepartmentGeneral Order G01-01
Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values
Issue Date:21 May 2019Effective Date:21 May 2019
Rescinds:01 March 2011 Version
Index Category:Department Organization
This directive:
  • A.provides and describes the Chicago Police Department’s Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values.
  • B.satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standard Chapter 12.
That all people in the City of Chicago are safe, supported, and proud of the Chicago Police Department.
  • A.The Mission Statement of the Chicago Police Department
    “To serve our communities and protect the lives, rights, and property of all people in Chicago.”
  • B.The Department and all members will act in a unified manner to uphold the Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values.
  • C.The Department’s response to emerging and chronic crime and disorder will be comprehensive and consistent with all aspects of the Mission Statement.
  • A.The Core Values of the Chicago Police Department
    • 1.Professionalism
      As members of a highly trained profession, we will conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with professional standards for performance, both on duty and off duty. These standards include adherence to our Vision, Mission Statement, and other Core Values. We perform our roles ethically and knowledgably, and we represent the values of the Chicago Police Department regardless of the circumstances. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to these standards.
    • 2.Integrity
      Integrity, the adherence to moral and ethical principles and the consistency of value-based actions, is our standard. We strive to earn the trust and respect of those whom we serve. We are of strong character, possessing the personal values and mental and emotional attributes that enable us to make ethical decisions and empathize with others. We do what is right because it is the right thing to do.
    • 3.Courage
      Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather its mastery. We will remain courageous in our actions. We recognize that there are two types of courage, physical and moral. Physical courage is recognizing danger to oneself or to others, but persisting in our duty regardless. Moral courage is the adherence to principle, integrity, and dedication no matter how easy it may be to do otherwise. It is putting character ahead of expediency; putting what is right ahead of what may be popular.
    • 4.Dedication
      As police officers, we are charged to serve and protect all people of the City of Chicago, to preserve order, and to uphold the law. However, our calling extends above and beyond the obligations of professionalism or the law. Dedication means that we are driven by a sense of personal duty to our work and the Department’s Vision, Mission Statement, and other Core Values. We demonstrate our dedication by striving to give our best effort in every interaction and task, no matter how small. Every day, we seek creative and effective solutions to public safety and aspire to be a symbol for excellence in the policing profession.
    • 5.Respect
      Respect means that we treat each other and the communities we serve as we would like to be treated: with compassion and dignity. Within the Department, we strive to ensure all members are supported and empowered, regardless of rank or position. Outside of the Department, we strive to partner with the communities we serve through transparency, accountability, and building mutual trust. We recognize that the respect we owe to our communities is not conditional, and we recognize that respect as a value must permeate every police action we undertake.
  • B.The Department and all members will act in a unified manner to uphold these Core Values.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
19-014 JAB