Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-02-07
Jacket - Fleece
Issue Date:29 August 2019Effective Date:29 August 2019
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    The fleece jacket will be a full cut, waist length, and intermediate weight garment with performance features and will have a full zipper front to top of the collar, adjustable sleeve closure, and zippered hand warmer pockets. Cuffs will be stretch or combination stretch and hook and loop closure. The jacket will have a pocket with zipper closures on each lower front. There will be one pocket on the inside of each front panel. The body of the jacket will be tapered to allow the garment to be tucked. The fleece jacket will only be worn with the embroidered star, name patch, unit designator, and back “POLICE” patch. Rank insignia for lieutenants and above must be embroidered.
    The basic fabric will be a 100% polyester microfilament circular knit terry, brushed, two-side antipill; and will undergo an additional vacuum or blow-out step in production (in line or off line) for maximum antipill performance. The jacket will have 100% nylon fabric reinforcements sewn on the shoulders and lower arms to add body and protection. Yarn size will be N/F 70 D/FD x N/ATY 240 D/FD or similar, density will be 156 x 52, weight will be 168 g/yd, and the back coating will be PU coated w/p 600mm.
    • 1.Shell: 100% polyester
    • 2.Shell Trim: 100% nylon
    • 3.Lining, pockets: 100% nylon
    • 4.Shoulder/elbow patches: 100% nylon
  • C.COLOR:
    Dark navy blue
    • 1.Collar: The collar will be made of nylon and microfleece with the microfleece on the inside of the garment.
    • 2.Yoke: The front yoke will be nylon and will be sewn on top of the microfleece body. The back yoke will be approximately 8 ½ inches down from the shoulder seam and extend all the way across the back of the garment.
    • 3.Sleeves: The sleeves will have nylon sewn on top of the microfleece beginning approximately 8½ inches down from the shoulder seam and go all the way down to the end of the cuff. The nylon will only be sewn into the sleeve seam and extend approximately 13 inches around the circumference of the sleeve at the elbow tapering down approximately 10 inches at the cuff. The cuff will be gathered and sewn with elastic or combination elastic and a closure tab using YKK PowerHook hook and loop. Standard hook will not be allowed. The elbow reinforcements will be double-needle stitched except where it is sewn into the sleeve seam and will have articulated seams as is appropriate for proper sleeve function.
    • 4.Pockets: There will be two diagonal pockets on the lower front of the fleece jacket. The pocket will close with a YKK zipper. The pocketing will be attached to the waistband of the jacket to stabilize and prevent movement. The hand warmer pockets will be lined with nylon and tricot or similar material.
    • 5.Zipper: The front zipper will be a 24 inch YKK zipper. There will be an inside storm flap made of nylon. The zipper will run the full length of the jacket, including the collar. The zipper will be professionally tailored to allow the zipper teeth to be visible. The hand-warmer pockets will have a 7 inch YKK nylon coil zipper.
    • 6.Shoulder Epaulets: Will be smooth, flat, and uniform in placement. Shoulder epaulets will be permanent and made from nylon shell fabric. Epaulets will be stitched into the bottom edge of the collar and extend down the shoulder to the sleeve. Epaulets will be 2 inches wide the full length, and be sewn down at four locations: the collar, the sleeve, and approximately midway between these two locations in order to form a loop 2 ¼ inches wide for a microphone strap to fit through. Edges will be double-stitched, with the full length of the epaulet outside the microphone loop sewn down to the shoulder patch to prevent movement.
    • 7.Stitching: All seams will be double-needle stitched except the sleeves, which will be single needle.
    • 8.Patches: The Chicago Police shoulder patch, commensurate with the member’s rank, will be centered and sewn on the left arm ¾ inch below the left shoulder seam. The City of Chicago flag shoulder patch will be centered and sewn on the right arm ¾ inch below the right shoulder seam. Fleece jackets must have the embroidered star, name patch, unit designator, and back “POLICE” patch as described in Uniform and Property directive U06-04-03 with the exception that background material on the name patch, unit designator, and back “POLICE” patch be color-matched to the fleece in dark navy blue. Rank insignia for lieutenants and above must be embroidered as described in Uniform and Property directive U06-04-04. Service tenure bars and stars will not be worn on the fleece jacket.
    • 9.Trim: The wrist cuff will be stretch construction or a combination stretch construction on the pinky finger edge and hook and loop on the thumb side. The cuff will be approximately 1 inch wide. The bottom edge of the fleece jacket will contain an elastic or adjustable drawstring. If adjustable, the adjustment locations will be located on the inside of the jacket at the location where the front panel meets the back panel. There will be one adjustment location on each side of the jacket. A snap enclosure will be sewn above the drawstring to allow the drawstring to be secured.
    • 10.Sizes: Fleece jackets will be constructed in men sizes.
      • a.S-5XL - Regular
      • b.S-5XL - Long
    All garments will be permanently labeled with the manufacturer country of origin, size, fiber content, and care instructions. The label will state that the garment is approved for use by Chicago Police Department members. The label will include the date of manufacture. No manufacturer or representative may suggest that a garment is an approved Chicago Police Department garment without prior inspection of a completed sample and written authorization of the Director, Research and Development Division, Chicago Police Department.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-020 JJR